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I started with gasol is ago it's a surface dot com slash nfl to check out bonds the cree change video and how you can win tickets to super bowl fifty three that'll be in atlanta i also saw you're dancing at the probowl how'd you retention are uh edison new this that's a new dance we hit a stir sank for the game i mean you can do whatever you know for cheat can you imitate vaughn stance there it i mean you love on miller let's see let's see what you've done here because you have fritschi came in he said yo you got it we got to play this when von miller comes in i said on radio let me see the we had the video for izzi we'll get to all can oh that's good two bon but narrative they they have it here let me see if they can they can play bad back that was pretty good and fritz he did eupol growing naronha made the something something fell something came loose i'll try to make it to work them i will say these von miller its bonds create change video go to a surface dot com slash nfl great to see we always appreciate you stop and by every super bowl and maybe one of these super bowls you won't stop by because you'll be back playing in it be great vaughn miller we'll have a travis kelsea come up top of the hour here on the dan patrick show.

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