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Welcome to the first degree, the true crime podcast that you might end up on my name Jack Panic. I'm sitting Super Far Away from Alexis linkletter and Billie Johnson, but there is sitting very close to each other almost on top of each other five. Almost, too close. Yup. Almost too close. We've kept our. Friends close and our enemies. Closer Listen Billy say that with like some kind of excitement. We kept our friends close and our enemies, closest? Yes. So Alexis and billy are officially new. York quarantining for a project and they decided to use one Mike to record today both of them on one. I've done it before jared podcasts. It's not fun. We our heads together like tweedle dee and tweedle dum messed. We are leaning into. This is who we are. Now I love it billy what day is it today? There's a lot of days today people there's the this is the most days I've ever seen in the history of the day. It's World Plato Day. Love Plato if anybody's ever tasted plato, what does it tastes like tastes like played red salt says like salt. Like should we see a little bit yeasty? Yes, it's also National Tattoo Story Day. Oh. What does it mean? Yikes that means if you have a tattoo and you have a story about it, you're supposed to people do either you want to tell any stories you're touching Alexis doesn't. I'm I own my mistakes. Once you talk about your us, do you have a tattoo that you wouldn't consider mistake? No. Not so far. The one to I plan to not to regret is one Jack is supposed to be designing for me as an as soon as it's safe to get it. I'M GONNA get it Jackson to draw for me a little the little tank that could little mini think little mini tank and I'm going to get that one but no, the to tattoos I have. Are. I'd say the big one is a regret but I haven't mostly removed then the little one. Is a regret if I'm honest about what it means. I. Know I lied to most people about what it is. All I have to say if you plan on getting a tattoo with a romantic partner, just know that it is the kiss of death. Yeah, take it from me don't do that. I told you when you showed it to me. I was like Oh. That's nice. I know. Jack I remember the very moment we were in park city go lex like you know that it's probably not gonNa work out now and I started crying I'm like no Jack Straw things are going really well I think we'd Bro. How it was literally a week later maybe ninety Vanik, Pacu Oracle of truth. How dare you? I know I'm just I'm just that good. You Know Bill. Do you want to explain any of your tattoos? Yeah. I've got a Tattoo I'll explain one of them. The one on my back is a tattoo of a Tonka truck and it says well on it and it's for my son because he was going in for heart surgery when he was like sixteen months old and all the doctors kept saying he's going to be in bed for a week. Then for weaken then one doctor said he's built like a TACO truck he'll be fine and he was up within a day running around. So I got you, I gotTa talk a truck and then I got a his scar so like where his scar is my, I have a.

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