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Rides and taxi rides and most people so i am putting i'm playing traffic way more than you guys are right. Why why are you putting yourself in a traffic. Why are you so convinced you take way more uber rides. The most people uber no way no way. I take a lot of bureau. I don't believe it dave you're lifts is guy through and through get mad at duke or guys know a first of all the other guys are going to get mad at because there's a paper trail and i'm trying to get my rating backup. You can't really fucked okay why it was down though but i was denied a ride recently it's all right yeah yeah. The texted me. There was like i might taking this ride. Are you reading suo once. You're out of me. I have a relatively my ratings probably low. I don't talk to people you know. They'll be like oh okay. Do you say something you say. Somebody just drive now. Say just drive but i'll be like i'm fine yeah. I'm having a hard to know how wet your mustache took a four point five. Here's the point low for them to uh-huh why because everybody says five stars without even thinking right so order to get it down for like five stars i think is what it is. I think you said before it's five five or one. No one gets a three. I'm a i'm a four plan ever in that world those little point that i i don't know if you've got a lot of one's four point five six. I never read anybody slow five stars. I ever bad driver shuttle. I just don't leave a raid. I turn ever leading at all. The rating was good. I'll leave five stars otherwise. I think you know if you just did your job. I hit i hit one and then i hit the specific things things i check them off of. My not friendly took the wrong room. I lie about other things. He raped me. Drove me. Last thing skip came. Remember him well. You wouldn't just give them five stars cambria y you don't remember an uber driver named gary shaw uber driver i do i do remember. One thing smelled horrible fucking welcome back. You're like finally a white guy and then he just was not a white guys. That gary was his american name. It was four four point eight yeah. Yeah i get mine up when me and christine stop taking uber's sharing and uber to work up as you would find an uber sigit what happened yeah so those deputies definitely give you just start taking limos can sit on opposite pig dining podcast podcasts. That's hilarious. I think they're waving him does not know who we are. He thinks allegiance gangs dave's derek. I'm monroe rohe's legion of blacks fantastic areas <hes> joining us an allegiance gangs and of course it is dave attell. Yes whole bunch of podcast going after them separate but equal. It's funny how they have the smaller room room. That was exactly three fifths of this. Thanks for having me thanks. Thanks for being here buddy yeah. We're having a lot of fun on the show. So far we just talk about. I remember remember anymore uber creating face. You'll say that you've come down a lot but you're you're operating. That's really low. I think you're a dick for not giving that guy at five. You got to really fuck up. Tanaka five-star bullshits novo voted car was smelling bad as another car is one of the hit the whole car dude was banned realize definitely enough for a one to one star. One star crazy by skipped dipped some smelly guys livelihood. He's gotta drive around. Take dirty guy. He does that make sense bathroom. He looked welcome. Ah shit smell. He could work in somebody's ass job in a big fat guys out. There's a million opportunities davis the he's trying to say.

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