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You who are there to make you look good versus getting up in front of a auditorium full of one hundred or five thousand people the lecture that would seem to be a lot more nerve-wracking. It's a very interesting question and it comes down to a single word, which is editing. When you right when you're a writer. You can keep polishing phrases to get them. Perfect. And I think like a writer I, talk like a writer I make TV like a writer. Now Making TV like a writer is kind of a terrible thing because when you're in front of a camera, you're just supposed to talk feel relaxed and not think about it. And so in my head, I was constantly editing. Instead of just spontaneously speaking. Now, why is it so easy in front of? An audience because an audience. Gives. You Energy back you make a joke audience laughs you. Say something that nobody knew. Sort of gas of amazement. You're in front of a camera. There is no reaction. A camera is just a glass disk in a metal case that does not react at all. So I think that's why it was so hard for me to do TV. Now that you found your groove and television, you're doing project fire view see doing some form of television. At least through the next handful of years there any reason you would get out of it. I. Know. I. Sure. Hope. So I, Love Doing TV I love doing it on. PBS. PB ACID can be instructive. It can be Informational I. It's teaching. There's nothing mean spirited about it nobody gets yelled at nobody gets kicked off the show you know they're no cuss words or anything it's you know it's Genteel and. And cerebral place to be at it just fits me do not. Yes. I'd like to keep doing television. There's a show. I really WANNA. Do I wanNA move more into. into travel with barbecue and you've seen some of that like in. Last year's project fire. You know where we went however of US hands two years ago we did that. I want do a history of barbecue. And I want to do that as both a time travel, then a geographic travel show. So you know that's on the back burner. This is America anything can happen. Within your lifetime Stephen You have seen an incredible amount of change when you look back what you had growing up as a kid progressing through life did you ever think? That what is available today would actually be something that would be real. I never. I never imagined the ease and connectivity of the Internet. Brings us all together on a darker side I never imagined the kind of Van? And and. mean-spiritedness an awful. This that would come to inhabit the Internet and social media. and. Even on my facebook posts a few weeks ago. I made a post about encouraging people to vote. It was completely nonpartisan. and. The venom that that inspired was just. It was it was hideous. and I never thought I would live to see that I mean you know my God. We're all Americans. And I hope that we're going through a dark phase and we can emerge and we can. Remember that what makes our country gate as when we come together not when we? When we fight and try and then split apart. Having such a media access to everybody at any time. Do you go out of your way. To try and engage or look at reviews or comments or tweets facebook posting things of this nature because I could quickly go and peruse emails that I'll get after you've shown up on a segment on Tuesday as oh Stephen Raglan Blah Blah Blah or he's so Bob Blah and I'm like. You don't even know this guy and it's amazing plus he's they're sending stuff to me and I couldn't be more thankful that you show up every Tuesday. So, as somebody who is quite the figure within the culture. How out of your way do you go to either engage or just stay blind to all of that? Well on my facebook posts? Usually opposed to companies questions. This is what I've done. How To you do it and I do read those or at least the first fifty or sixty of them and I do. You know if it's some if if there's a question I can answer quickly I do if there's you know try and like things that are. Know Somebody's done something interested in taking the time to to make a post said try and like it I can't. Becomes, a couple of hundred posts. I can't do that. But I do do my own social media. So. but in terms of The polemics. And the negative liberty. I made one post after feddie. Freddie. Gray's. Murder. That's all we can call it. And There was a lot of negative. A lot of negativity around that, and I actually wound up taking that post down with the urging people to vote post. I didn't read. It couldn't bear to read it and it was all I could do to get back on the next day and and. Post again, but you know. This is. This is the world we. Any. Rate. I like to think and one of the reasons I'm in this business and I love it so much that barbecue brings people together. I like to bring people together I like to feed people I like to celebrate food I'd like to celebrate community. and. I guess if I were to give you know any any parting thoughts, it would be, let's let barbecue bring us together. Stephen you have. said it all we've gone.

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