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It's a hundred and forty years old played on the same size field saved for the height of the Mt. Is virtually the exact same game. And forget is like JD Martinez who don't bring a glove to the yard. But that's neither here nor there when it comes to a record about a playoff staff though for baseball. I gotta draw the line Rafael Devers had an incredible postseason. There have been guys in the modern era who have been young and had incredible postseasons, but they mean different things. So a couple of stats came out last night about Rafael Devers, I wanna hit on. He turns twenty two in five days October twenty fourth okay? Playoff RBI's, postseason RBI's and profession or in major league baseball before the age of twenty one Rafael Devers, now second all-time. He ties Miguel Cabrera for second all time and passes Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle ten career RBI's before his twenty first birthday is twenty first birthday the thing that baffles me or before the age of twenty water. But this all must have been before the age of twenty two my apologies. Turns twenty to the twenty fourth so playoff RBI's before the age of twenty two Mickey Mantle with ten Denver's and Miguel Cabrera with twelve under Jones with fourteen now the Jones won while he only did it in a couple of postseasons. He was playing on some teams that went to the postseason every single season. So he had more opportunities. He was also playing in a in a postseason era where he had three rounds to do Miguel Cabrera to me a little bit more impressive because in two thousand and three when he got here. He was he was a young guy. Play with Jeff co nine and Dontrelle Willis and Juan Pierre only made that one playoff run. Now. I know he was traded a year and a half later to the Detroit Tigers, but he only had one big playoff run before his age twenty two season. So more impressive to be McGaw Cabrera put up those numbers as a twenty year old back in two thousand and three. Now, you wanna get really impressed Mickey Mantle this guy was only playing in World Series. There was no championships series. This guy would win win. The pennant go to the World Series and drive in runs. Dave ten RBI's before the age of twenty two. That's a pretty impressive note. The fact that the three guys who have passed it have played in the last twenty years. She told you everything you need to know about that Mickey Mantle stat, Dave. Yes, he had ten RBI at the age of twenty one at the age of twenty. Fifty four because he was injured when he was twenty two. So that's that's the number. I'm looking at here. David fifty four they didn't go to the World Series. Anyway, wouldn't matter. Right. Yeah. He didn't play right. He didn't Chris your your New York Giants were handled Vic words and the Cleveland Indians. That's what was going on. But in his age twenty one season. You're right there. That's what we're getting at here. So that's that's before the age of twenty two. These are those notes now for playoff home runs before the age of twenty two Bryce Harper with four Mickey Mantle with four Miguel Cabrera with four Andre Jones with four so all the guys you just heard on that list. Bryce Harper though has been hit his home runs with nobody on base. I guess though, Dave because he's not on the ten Rb Islas, but he is on the floor home run list before the age twenty two and then Rafael Devers now with three. So Rafael Devers by next season. If the Boston Red Sox make another push could solidify himself as one of the best young postseason players of all time. We'll have to take that with the modern era because clearly Mickey Mantle as a twenty one twenty two year old and this by the way, Mickey mantles been at the forefront of my mind. I got sick last weekend. I was out on Monday. Remember, Dave when I get sick. There's a movie I've been watching since I was a I guess it was my dad's showed it to me. It's the Billy crystal sixty one Barry pepper Thomas. Jane incredible movie, one of the best HBO made movies, in my opinion. One of the better baseball movies ever buried pepper played Dale Earnhardt senior in the Dale Earnhardt number three movies, dude..

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