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You know what i'm talking about. Yes yeah i think you do junior high dance rules and that is that you have an authority figure at these. You have someone to enforce the rules at these frat parties. So you are. You have a responsible person who is handing out all the drinks and if someone's dancing to close you pull out that ruler and you say twelve inches ladies and gentlemen. How about you can't join a frat until your second year. How about you fucking bad. Frats are stupid. Thor sororities if you were in one and you had a great experience. Congratulations many people. There are better way to make friends talking. Fraternity and sorority in the classic sense of what culture is if you're going if you're going in to find a husband or or you know have talking about we're talking about we're talking about the white ones. Yeah yeah i mean. Let's be real and i guess on some campuses there's like art frats but i think the whole culture like the greek culture and what it stands for by majority. It's it's like anything it's like when the whole system is rotten. I mean sure you have two or three good ones but like the system's fucked. Yeah for sure right. This system is folk. Take painting class when you get to college. That's my advice. If i was to give it anybody a new letter of recommendation i would say i encourage them as would my affiliates. Yes for this person to thrive academically but as far as socially like take a photography class go volunteer somewhere. I don't know and then drink responsibly. And discover you know a leash. She martini or several years elevated. You know what i mean. Chris allied once again like just never goes out of style and it never doesn't taste like a milky disgusting disgusting. That's actually one of the phrasing things that they do at the at ut they made people drink crystallized collagen infused water. They make you drink that to nothing. Softness is this collagen powder. Now if you've an art to that. I might have been interested Hello which branch coffee i host. The podcast attitudes different and lover. Aaron gibson hello aaron how. Reo it's nice to.

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