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That that's just the order of the day and that's how it should be important functions versus those that see an uptick in the number of these kinds of rulings and some concerns And there's no reasoning that opportunity for argument And so forth Alabama's argument here was that it shouldn't have to elevate race over traditional redistricting criteria Does this decision indicate that the court's conservative majority may be open to weakening the role race plays in drawing voting districts I have a very short answer which is yes I don't often get unqualified answers from lawyers Tell us why you said yes What's extraordinary about this is that in 2013 when the court struck section 5 it said you know don't worry We have section two still here to protect minority voters and then now you have the court kind of coming in and saying oh you know if states prioritize race this isn't what they've held of course because the case hasn't been heard on the merits But the implication is that if a state prioritizes minority voters protecting minority voters that they're somehow violating the constitution would effectively render section two of constitutional That is you simply can't protect minority voters under section two because doing so is somehow prioritizing race and constitutionally So it's a pretty surprising idea because for a long time the court has given Congress authority to enforce minority voting rights into the Fifteenth Amendment And so this would essentially be taking away Congress's power And at least to do what it did in section two The attorney general is challenging Texas's voting maps How does this decision play in that case Well anytime that a plaintiff is challenging 2020 maps trying to assert a section two claim Barriers are going to be perking up here in terms of the palpable thinking on section two compliance So I think if you're voting rights attorney hoping to use section two to challenge a map you know you're shaking in your boots Thanks Rebecca That's Rebecca green of William and Mary law school Coming up next the second trial over ahmaud Arbery's killing This is Bloomberg Burden LL you could save big when you bundle your home and auto with progressive but when we just come out and say it it feels like it falls a bit flat So we're going to tap into.

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