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So you applied. It took eleven business days. Is that correct? Eleven calendar dates really only about six six business days. Okay and I'M NOT GONNA ask how much money you were for funded but did you receive two and a half times your monthly payroll absolutely. We did okay and so is does that. Take a little bit of the edge off where he does that. Feel good to finally see the money in the account definitely at were able to breathe and we know that we're not going to have to be laying people off now. I'm GonNa read you. A controversial excerpt from this controversial document called the constitution. I'm GonNa read it to you and I'd like to see if you could tell me what this means from your perspective. Okay now you're smart lady you got you and your husband met at college in Hawaii. I believe right in both attending Brigham Young. Yeah Yep. We're at Brigham Young University Hawaii when we met. And I'm not expecting you to be a constitutional scholar but you are a business owner so I'm GonNa read you. This controversial excerpt from the constitution which reads the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. Some read this excerpt to you says. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment every of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Were you guys allowed to go to Church for Easter Sunday? We were not on the first time in our entire lives. Does that sound constitutional just as you break it down as you listened to the first constitution. Does it sound like you're right to peaceably. Assemble may have been violated. Absolutely it does so when president trump did you watch his press conference last night will. He was talking last night about how he wants to open the country. Backup for business. America was not designed to be shut down and a lot of these snarky. Reporters are unaware of this thing called the constitution. We're asking stuff like well sir. Authorities do you have to make people be open for business. What appears to me. When the president becomes the president he takes the oath to uphold the constitution. So in your mind is is it not is it in in constitutional. Is it to shut down your right to go to church. Or how do you process that when you get told that you can't go to church is not right? You know we have that right to. I mean that was one of the very first things that our country was founded on this freedom of religion and to gather and to be able to work and provide for ourselves in the American dream and all of these things are being. We're being told that we can't do them and it is very Contradictory to the First Amendment for sure. Now there's two kinds of crazy out there there's man crazy there's husband crazy and there's mom crazy there's mom crazy husband crazy husband. Crazy is when the kids are in the back of the car. And they're touching each other data. Say Stop It. And it's done mom crazy sometimes where mom might hold back the frustration for maybe two to three years at a time but when mon polls over it's a scorched earth approach to discipline and all of a sudden those three years of delayed discipline begins to manifest itself. Perhaps you've ever done that but I've seen mom crazy verifiable thing it's a phenomenon. Can you create the so mom crazies? Like on a scale of one to ten where you're like a fourteen mad on a scale of one to ten with fourteen being mom crazy and one being like it's no big deal. How much did it bother you to see your constitutional rights violated on Easter Sunday About twenty because my kids are still learning. They're eight and under your belt. Whenever they drive me to mom crazy they have a little bit of grace there but our leaders our state and local leaders. They know better. They know what the Constitution means? So if our show is listened to buy a lot of people within Washington people who are lawmakers now I want to remind listeners. President trump never shut the country down. It's your state governor. It's your local mayors who've shut the country down it is not president trump. It is your local governors. Your state governors your local mayors all the local officials. The state level officials are the ones who've decided to shut down your state. What would you say if we had? Maybe the governor of our state listening to the show today or the lieutenant governor or people who are in charge of your city. What would you say to them as it relates to opening the country? Backup to business now that we know that. Oh by the way the report that said two point two million people were projected to die is now been dial down to fifty seven thousand sixty one thousand and by the way the guy who made the report is not an American. His name is Neil Ferguson. What would you say to your local and state officials? I would say that the need to open up for business is I mean. Really great that. That doesn't It's not a very good know verbiage. For how I feel I feel like the amount of people who are unable to work versus the amount of deaths from Cova. Nineteen is so drastically different. You know these effects of unemployment go on for for so long and the freedom that America is known for that the that the country is founded on that so many people have died for to protect is a matter of days. Weeks has been ripped away from us. That is just not right. That is not America. That's not what this country was founded on and that's not what our founding fathers would want that would just. They are probably rolling in their graves and so we need to open our states back up especially in areas where you know like especially in Oklahoma we have not been impacted thankfully As much as other places and so the need to work as so so great so that families can survive. I can't even imagine not being able to feed my children because I couldn't work and so I just think of all all the kids out there whose parents can't work and can't provide for them. I mean it just makes me almost teary thinking about not being able to provide for my kids. Their basic needs so we just. It's gotta get opened up really really soon and I'm not asking you to go crazy town with me but I will go there for just a second. Let's say that I were to read the Constitution and I were Somebody who was I duNNo. Literal literal the way I read the Constitution it says Congress shall make no law respecting an and establishing an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof even if there's virus or abridging the freedom of speech even if there's virus or of the press or of the right of the people peaceably assemble even if there's virus and to petition the government for a redress of grievances even if there's the chronic virus so as I read it even if I was in Manhattan right now. We're the corona virus is by the way been falsely reported to have killed a lot of people. Because now they're finding out. Oh by the way. We have been falsely reporting how we determine if people died from the crowbars. I'm GonNa play this audio. This is from a doctor in Minnesota. He's Dr Scott Janssen. He's a senator and a doctor. Listen to this audio and see if you can. I would like to get your take on this hearing this for the first time this is Dr Scott Jennings a senator from Minnesota here. We only play run in Minnesota as a physician. I received an email last week from the Department of Health. Coaching me on to fill out death certificates and I'm never really received coaching from the vital statistics agency in terms of how to do a death ticket but basically I felt like they were saying you know you don't have to have a confirmed laboratory test for cove. Nineteen in order to make the death certificate a covert nineteen searches right. I mean ruptured that. What you said I think is critically important. Can you repeat what you just said please? Well last Friday. I received a seven page document. That sort of told me that if I had an eighty six year old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for covert nineteen but sometimes after she came down with the Monja. We learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with Kobe. Nineteen there would be appropriate to diagnose on the desert to begin cove in nineteen now. We've not done that if someone has the pneumonia after in the middle of flu epidemic and I don't have a test on influenza diagnose influence on the death certificate I will say this elderly Pacer died a Monja. I don't mean to Rub shoe but I. My heart is sinking right now. As you're telling me this your doctor. Why in the world would they be sending you out information to fill out certificates where the person's been diagnosed with Cova nineteen or not but then to say in the desert to be this person's death was caused by Kobe? Nineteen Bat does not sound right to me. I went to the person in our office. Who does most of the death certificate is over the last ten twenty years and I said. Does this sound right ahead. Look at the documents that I printed off. And she's been what we've always been told that you always put down just facts. You don't put down any probabilities. You don't put any presumptions down. It's just what you Nell and so this is concerning what. How do you process that as a mother and a business owner when you hear that people can now sort of massage the death certificates and pick or choose what they believe? People are dying from? Well I have a few thoughts but one of them is there. They should be glad that I'm not there. Because I would go beyond mom crazy I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means but honestly sounds like something is either trying to be covered up. I e they overreacted and now need to justify you know what has happened by inflating the numbers so that they can like sealy right or I don't know but it just I don't stand for dishonesty in any form and so this really drives me nuts. I've got one more sound for you. I have not played this for you. This is going to really blow your mind. I'm really excited to watch you. Go to a fourteen here at platinum pest when people hire you guys to come kill bugs you guys make a profit right absolutely in hospitals. They make their money off of Seeing patients listen to this audio. Let me click ahead here. This is. This is Dr Again this is Dr the same doctor the Minnesota senator. He is explaining Dr Scott Johnson. How hospitals get paid from the corona virus and try to keep ahead from exploding here. We go German Kobe. Nineteen admission to the hospital. You'll get paid thirteen thousand dollars if that Kuban. Nineteen patient Nozawa Van. Later you get thirty nine.

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