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Nineteen hours after he was announced dead moose likely assassinated by russians are candy bap chingkuo was bank with a lot of explaining to do shimbun finish lewis i i would like to apologize for what all of you had to experience what to get through i have buried friends and many times and i know the sickening feeling i'm sorry you had to experience it but there was no way and outspoken and fierce critic of ladimir putin mr bob chingkuos apparent assassination at his apartment on tuesday night seemed yet another example of the long arm of the kremlin taking out its opponents wherever they live friends queued up to pay their tributes glowing a bitch eary's were published and politicians lined up two point an angry finger at russia but it was all a big comb at a press conference mr bob chingkuo was miraculously brought forward alongside members of ukraine's security services their head vassil grit sack said it had all been part of a plot to catch a russian agent we have managed not only to stop a cynical provocation but also to record the preparation of a scandalous and cynical crime by the russian security service we decided to carry out a technical operation that allowed us to collect irrefutable evidence of the russian security services terrorist activity on ukrainian soil for now people here don't know whether to laugh or to cry many journalists went in the space of just a few minutes from reporting a colleague's death to celebrating his return but the price in terms of ukraine's own credibility and respect for the truth may turn out to be more serious journal fisher played out like something out of a cold war spinal but worthy ukrainian security services right to fake are coty bob chen cause death or will this turn out to be a propaganda win for russia a question i put to vitale shift shinco from.

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