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To more of suzanne's ways reporting the department delivers their evidence to the prosecutor's office with information from a witness who says he saw lisa the night. She was murdered and she wasn't alone. This person claims that they saw someone. Potentially a suspect. Take lisa into car. Not far from where. Lisa's own car was later found abandoned but wait like what did they see. Was lisa still alive at this time. I wish i could tell you like so much else with this case. There's no names. There are no detailed beyond exactly what i told you. So that's all we know. Days go by literally seasons go by summer turns to fall with no word about charges after this is turned over to the prosecutor. Apparently the prosecutor does call a grand jury. But there is still no word about any indictments nothing. So thomas byrne isn't charged with any crime related to lisa's murder and neither is anyone else by the time the one year anniversary of lisa's death rolls around the case is ice cold and it stays cold until june of nineteen eighty-three when police opt for a new way to warm it up. They decide to exhume. Lisa's body for a second autopsy. What does lisa's family think about that. I mean they're totally in favor of it. So police actually get to ask permission so they don't have to get a court order. Anything according to the honolulu advertiser police fly in the chief of forensic medicine from la county to perform the second autopsy. He reaches the same conclusion. Lisa's body is too decomposed to pinpoint exactly how she died beyond that she didn't die of natural causes. So lisa's reburied. And once again her case goes cold the grand jury ultimately dissolves in nineteen eighty-four with no indictments and no closure and her family spends the rest of the nineteen eighties fighting police in the states. Legal system in court over what they perceive to be negligence in the investigation in while the new moves on. Lisa's memory and her murderer leave a chill over the island in october of nineteen ninety. One just a few months before the ten year anniversary of. Lisa's murder. The honolulu star bulletin publishes this long article. That's part retrospective and part. Call out of the honolulu. Pd as charles messenger. Wrote from day one. The investigation was up against a storm of department politics personality conflicts and poor investigation techniques that may have led a killer go free and this piece also drops a bombshell. The case against thomas byrne was actually a lot weaker than police wanted to let on. Apparently no one could actually place thomas at the scene and there wasn't a shred of physical evidence to tie him to lisa. No blood no murder weapon. No dna nothing. So here's what i don't get about this. We've seen time and time and time again. How pleased close ranks seem to protect their own. So if evidence wasn't directly pointing like big flashing lights thomas white focus so hard on him. Tell you.

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