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It's monday may seventeenth. it's been a year. What do we do with our faces. Again we start here. Days after groundbreaking decision from the cdc cities states and companies are still scrambling figure out how to regulate masks. The cdc may have gotten the science on this. But i don't think they got the social science but for individual americans. These adjustments might take even longer it. Looks like a war in missiles fly like a war families wiped out as they were sleeping in. Their beds are growing calls for a ceasefire in israel but this could still get worse and infrastructure. Sounds like of wonky word until the bridges start falling down. How did you not see that on your angel inspection in twenty nine hundred eighteen twenty twenty. How a small piece of steel was able to shut down the fighting mississippi from abc news. This is start here. And i'm brad milkey. This episode of start here is presented by uk. G when your employees feel supported your business becomes more than a place of work it becomes a work of art and uk. Jeez hr workforce management solutions in. Help you create your masterpiece. Uk g of purpose is people early on in this pandemic. There was a sense that you could be overly cautious. We recommend that people who are sick. Wear a mask. We'd recommend that people who are around someone who's covert positive wear mask but do not recommend general public whereas masks protective mechanism. The cdc said hey obviously people want to keep themselves safe but lacking any evidence that masks work people putting their fingers near their mouths right now scaring their neighbors well then came guidance. Saying some of these supercautious measures were exactly right wherever mask at all times. When you're outside a lot has happened since then we understand more about how covid nineteen spreads are case numbers have gone way down and most importantly we have extraordinarily vaccines. Are you ready to take it. On absolutely as a result you once again live in a country where a bunch of folks might be gathering in a gym or church masks off brave again and if they are vaccinated. They are totally following. Cdc advice is it time now but this weekend gave a lot of people their first taste of that new life. Their trial run and after a year of masks. Not everyone felt comfortable. May not enough people needed for me to really feel safe. I would still wear a mask at any store with around people because you don't know that someone's vaccinated. They could just pretended found. Should i change my habits today. What about tomorrow. Should i wear my mask just so other. People are nervous of me if a store wants to keep my mask on. Should i put up a fuss. And most fundamentally do. I trust the cdc about what is safe enough. Step into this brave new world now. Abc's and flaherty who covers federal agencies and nagy kurth writer for partners at five. Thirty eight maggie. Can we start off the can throw something out at you. Just so. We're all totally clear if i'm fully vaccinated and a family member wants to come over. Who is just refused to get vaccines. He swings by the house according to the cdc. I could invite him over. I could give him a hug. We drink beer like the whole thing. I mean that is. That is what the cdc saying. Yeah i mean it. What you are comfortable with is a different question to sort of have and those questions may also be different answers depending on who else is in your family right like i am fully vaccinated but i have to unvaccinated children and no. They're not so we're not going to go hang out with unvaccinated family members in a completely like no masks situation because they can't get it yet they're too young. So what sort of situation you have with your family like ends up mattering a lot. And a lot of the cdc guidelines have really been written down as though you are a single individual living on your own and not always the case but if you are vaccinated what they are saying is that you are protected like there's enough evidence now to say that you're extremely unlikely to be getting anything or passing it on to anyone else even if you've got us difficult pass it on to somebody else that chances go down and down doubt right and flaherty. How surprising though was this guide. I'm thinking about over this weekend. How surprising was this guidance. To people outside the government it was surprising that people inside the government. brad. I mean this was the big shocker of you know. I can't even think of anything as shocking as this. The way houses they only learned of it on wednesday night at least nineteen of the twenty four states that had mask mandates now announcing plans to adopt the cdc guidance or scrap mask requirements entirely. Right after the cdc announcement hits you see a lot of confusion among the governors. There's there's a lot of. Hey we're just gonna stay where we are for now after looking at the new guidance from the us cdc. We thought they were going to stick with the mask. Mandate the next day we heard. Okay wait no we're going the way of. Cdc we will be lifting the mask. Indoor mask mandate as well. The major chains like walmart costco and trader joe's making masks optional for fully vaccinated shoppers starbucks. We heard they were going to stick with the mask. Mandate they were reviewing it. And the next thing you know they're going by the way of. Cdc i it just became this kind of confusion about who was going to do. What and where. The state of pennsylvania has adopted those guidelines into its mask mandate while philadelphia health department has not made an announcement on if city guidelines will change and all within the same location. I mean you could be living in a county and you would have to wear your masks. Maybe some places but not other places and that was really what i think became so difficult with this decision. They're jumping the gun for sure. I mean last week they tell you everybody must wear a mask and now two days later. They're saying take off your mask. I don't trust any of it what we've been here at supermarkets where it's now optional to wear a mask and so what do you know one out of ten. Shoppers are now wearing masks. Even though statistically we know ninety percent of people at these supermarkets aren't vaccinated so are people hearing. Hey it's optional. And thinking great like. I don't want to wear masks anymore. It's open season. you know. I think what people have to realize is that the. Cdc may have gotten science on this. But i don't think they got the social science of this. They didn't seem to realize that we have been conditioned for four hundred and five days to put on these mass. That we weren't just protecting ourselves. We were protecting others. We were protecting the most vulnerable. And it's like we finally get on board and then the reality was. They have a lot of evidence. I mean there was a study of five hundred thousand healthcare workers across half the country that found you know. This is what maggie was talking about. Even if you are exposed to the virus if you've been vaccinated you're not gonna get sick and you're not gonna pass it on to loved ones who are unvaccinated that it was a slam dunk. That's all the cdc can do. The cdc can go out there and say you are safe. But they weren't thinking of how americans we're going to see this which is wait.

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