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Because while the fury was so unsuccessful Bakeo. There was a boom was a drive by we will give him one minute. Obviously give you more because we were on our way out. But yeah, we have yet to see one report that this was unsuccessful. But that's what every single caller chatter wants us to believe if Espinosa and Showtime on not upset if Espinosa Showtime or okay? And they're so, okay. They did doing a pay per view in December. Then they turned around, and they one in January and now they're gonna turn around and do one again in March. I think you guys need to check. Yourselves man. I would say I will also say I don't think comparing Adrian broder Manny pack, you'll pay per view will be compared to undisputed linear everything of a heavyweight division. I think that's gonna sell more than this fight. Then. Yeah. Definitely. It will. Absolutely. That's what I'll say earlier is. You know, this is this is the heavyweight divisions pay per view numbers are just the beginning. We are going to see the tide change. I it's right now, though, I think they're way right and losing momentum. You're right. You're right. But I believe that whatever we're seeing now is only gonna pick up on the rise deonte wilder Anthony, Joshua, regardless of whether they fight not regardless if I when they do fi, no matter which one wins or loses. They're both going to be come big or SARS because of it looks like we got Jay on a boomerang j what up? Yeah. Man. I know when we look at these pay per view, and we got all the stuff that. Yeah. You got people paying money on those shots. I mean so much back in when we got we got the moving through people that come to the actual fight just so much hidden money. Then we don't get to see. So I really think success, and when they say that they break even to Kelly in mice. They're paying the fighters to so everything else will cover that. It was great. I mean, come on there. We gotta be more smarter nine now have elite. We can't believe him. He's lying Espinoza said to fifty is a success for them. He's lying borough. We can't believe him. Okay. Where we can't believe that something different. But I mean. This is all about thirty one. He. It was sarcasm because that's the argument. That's the argument from the other side, they're saying, oh, you know. Why would we believe Spinoza? He's a weasel. But Jay, we got to go. Catch you in New York already know, we are cutting. My name is nester Gibbs final thoughts. Hey, man, again, if the writers that are out there that know more than me are saying this is success in many as a pay per view star. Well, then he is. I just can't wait to see. What's next? I hope that he continues to strike while the iron is hot as well. No need in letting things died down catch us right here. Tomorrow nine AM if not eight thirty because we're trying to do every single day. I fight. We follow me on Instagram Twitter at nest GTO. Adler gay on Twitter and Instagram in. We will see are in the morning, a patriarch we do have a prospect Wednesday later, so. It's rough Dawkins coach wrath on Instagram. That's coach underscore raff on Instagram and catching X time. Mr gross. Eleven and girls. Two three one two on Twitter. Sorry about these. We came looking for real main winter, and we found it we were headed to the lodge. The fire really the only thing I wanted was some hot cocoa and one more foot of snow. I forgot that days like this last longer than we think this trail these woods, these Pountney these stories they start with us..

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