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7 40 until halftime, It's third and four Notre Dame on their own 31 trailing 21 7 book from the shotgun throws underneath, complete across the 35 to the 40 yard line. George Tackiest, the tight end moving right to left on the crossing pattern. Catch and run 10 Yard game. First down Irish Excellent decision By Ian Book He saw the defense was blitzing, stood in the pocket and delivered a throat attack US who could have even cut some more yards and he cut back upfield. Attack. It was so excited for that reception of first down an excellent job hanging on the football jackets, only his third catch of the season. Notre Dame all of a sudden, very good on third down, they converted their last Converted three out of four of the last drive on now just converted them first down in San from the 41 book to throw again behind the line of scrimmage, swings it out to Williams across the 40 omen your sideline and went out of bounds. Middle linebacker Dylan Moses caught up with him gain of one, and they continue to find ways to get 23 the ball and that's what you have to do in big games. Get your big playmakers. The football and Karen Williams now has already caught a pitch and two passes to the flat, which means that those safeties are they can't help their human nature. They want to play down to try and make a play, opening up a lot of things for Notre Dame offensive or how good of these Alabama linebackers unbelievable A cell crow when they tackle sideline to sideline. Second down nine book from Under center hands off to the right side of William's across the 40 and tackled on the near numbers at the 43 Yard line. Defensive end Christian bar more First team, all SEC, another Crimson Tide player. You could say that about gain of only one much more difficult. Third down, coming up here right third down and ate the Irish 6 15 left until halftime. They're on their own 43 yard line, and the Alabama defense is stunting now to try and stop the Russian attack for Notre Dame. That one right there, cause Tommy Kramer get tripped up and forcing the biggest third down of the game on the near hash here, moving left to right bookies in the shotgun, three wide receivers to his left. Now Avery Davis motions from left to right back to the left side takes the snap drops back. They rush four. They hit him as he releases the ball incompletes over the middle to Avery.

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