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Was British national road race champion. He wrote for fifteen ah before fifteen a- became infamous in one thousand nine hundred eighth in retirement. He well, he lives in Belgium, and he has helped of young writers. I mean, you name a talented or successful British writer of the last decade or so and chances are he has stayed in. Tim's house, and Belgium and been shown the ropes of Belgian. Racing there and Adam Blige with one of those writers. And as Adam will explain in the CIA, he has with Tim. He went to Belgium with a certain reputation already kind of pinned to his back, and yet Tim Harris and his partner justly Ryan really kind of set riders on a path towards the professional ranks and kind of given them this the skills they need to survive first of all in Belgian amateur icing embracing not just a racing. But also the the lifestyle that is required to thrive yet. I am absolately, and we know Tim Harris a bit because he works at the to France as well, he drives VIP's guests for school attitude of France. And he's one of these guys who he's always story always got bit of gossip and. Has has fingers and lots of different Pisces, very interesting guy and hope you enjoy this chat that you had recently with Adam Blythe listening to special episode of the cycling podcast. Adam bly interviews. For crossover to Adam bly in conversation with Tim Harris. We must see big thank you to our title sponsor Rafeh. They title sponsor, the cycling podcast across all the different podcasts that we do. And their new core collection.

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