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Three and in this heat we have a a looking for our favorite well it's a big favorite a defined the livery park and that's out of the John Martin barn and Kyle fray in the saddle yeah it's also a good start to this meeting he's had a city come back for a big injuries done very well on the fair circuit to there's a very this is a kind of a crap shoot you have to use the a lot of courses or single summer's gonna single the favorite liberty park he was a winner last time the Pleasanton but got disqualified were drifting in toward the end before that you raised fairly effectively in southern California started out to be of course that that people have a lot of promise in as he ran straight maiden races down south in two thousand seventeen when he one of them so that there's a lot of optimism about this war early in his career obviously is not that's not the same hours but I think there's enough little speed with Charlie cordon and a gun and dole out the dough that will be carpark should get a good trip and was gonna single the favorite in the third moving on the race number four with our guest handicapper Larry's tombs of the chronicle six furlongs obey the distance and we have in here number two a sight for sore eyes at three to one for Bill Delia and then at five to two we have cartoonist for Michael and sini yes I first arrived ships in from Omar was a previously Midwest east coast I pores didn't run all that well it's more in the thirty two thousand glamour never been on a synthetic traveling up to see one on synthetic before I can support the outdoor specially dropping down to twenty five I like three horses in here number one awesome so over eleven out of forty five a lifetime of the synthetic just you know pretty consistent stretch runner doesn't always get there but certainly will put in a good run I might get set up with two speed horses which I'm often use both of those cartoonist has won the two straight sixteen and twenty on the pair circuit also effective on the on the synthetic seven for twenty the source that a quick course and no matter what trainers Adam losing the reclaim them three races back bill the queen had a long time ago are your resume the source runs the same for all the trainers has might have the best speed the other person and uses Casey's nightcap coming off a layoff the source came up a similar layoff last year and and won has some speed is not a need to lead type so with cartoonist doesn't get police chase he's like that might and one of those two Michael all the way in there from coming from behind or use awesome silver so one five and six in the fourth hi we're gonna go to the turf and certainly the terrace in great shape because we just opened a mate Ned reseeded it and we're looking for a distance of a mile and a sixteenth this is the fifth race on the card goes about three fifty in the afternoon and a big favorite on the rail will be fairly tale lists this is for Sergio Ledezma and one Hernandez will be aboard yeah the source was southern California ran a couple decent raises on the turbine street maidens down there that was just the aptly annihilated going on the dirt at La Salle got to that race out this is a true force Mike is going to lead never look back but I don't totally Trussell force Sergio's at a really good year is a very good trainer but his record first time of the horse is not all that great I'm also going to throw in Loretta who ran a distant third in the debut Pleasanton and then and ran second in a five furlong turf race at Santa Rosa and improves Beyer figure for thirty nine to fifty three which figures in here and Alice to sprints in the red now stretching out to a mile the sixteenth that's a good pattern for fifty meiotic many use one and four in the fifth race and also use those two horses to start the late pick five all right in the early pick five there's only a fourteen percent take out and as we move on to the late pick five this is the second leg this is your scene made special way for two year olds the eight to five favorite admirably the source ran second at Pleasanton in a race won by darn quick done quicker just dominated that race from start to finish in in a really and could get a good reading they went down Delmar in reinforcing the stakes race down there wasn't really never really threatened but still ran fourth came back up here Sam yesterday and one allowance race started quick did also noticed that admirably finishing second in that main race the horses finished third came back to win next time so admirably is definitely I think a real promising horse and also known as he one of seven to five in that maiden race so he was well meant also could use another or his number one dot com meet the two favorites now dot com is a lot more speed second time out in on the rail the source might get the lead so give use one and two and six race I as we move along on a nine race card to the seventh race today at Golden Gate fields on this dollar day for the first weekend will be racing until the twenty ninth the end of September and it's two weeks old of down to Fresno and then back to Golden Gate take us all the way to the Christmas break in the seventh race of Golden Gate fields today it'll be six furlongs and as we take a look at the probable favorites in this race we have a seven two and ninety two of four to one certainly seems like a wide open race because our favorite might end up that the seventy two or three to one yes this ten or sealed all of allowance sources very interested in this field Sam out of the tent of course is six of them have shown from running speed so with all those forces showing from running speed I'm looking for a comp behind wars I think I found one a number one el Chavo del Ocho for leading trainer Jonathan along this horse came from little off the pace sacramental lost by only is two for seven months and when the synthetic additional speed one wire to wire in their win may twenty fifth but move all the other races comes from off the pace I think Figueroa will take this horse back from the rail the source will not be doing for the lead I think this force might have the most effective close someone a single el Chavo del Ocho at seventy two in the morning line number one in the seventh race all right race number eight we'll be on the turf on a mile and one sixteenth as we take a look at this group in here and another good size field for exotic players and a the day but it looks like it could end up to the dean well number ten is four to one and river rose and certainly looks like a wide open event turn the page number eleven Sam that ready say goes five to two in the morning line this was an awful win in a starter allowance forty thousand at Santa Rosa and because the horse is a California bred could run back in the same condition this is for horse that ran for fifty fifty or less before but that was a good win on the turf at Santa Rosa by the two kind of tough on the outside post eleven or the eleven post you know even a mile sixteenth race with the shoot so got to get over the worst does happen to be though and there's you know the the horse should be up among the leaders early I'm also used to other courses at ten to one long shot union leader broke his maiden in his attempts tried Sacramento coming from off the pace that Randy easily on the turf in a maiden special weight these other forces a lot of them brought their maidens in making claiming races usually are broke his in a maiden special weight also ran well the main special weight on the turf so you might become a late and then finally number nine Fridays at shady Tamara Herbert's and the source tries to cheer for the first time is on a couple of decent efforts in claiming races and this is a even though the the allowance fifty Charlotte's fifty this claiming races are actually little topper so rob the pace also will do Fridays at century media if if you can handle the turf he could be tough so seven nine and eleven in the eighth race all right in a row look at our Golden Gate card for this dollar day Sunday with our guest handicapper Larry spoons five and a half furlongs will be the distance here in this one and this will feature a claiming price five thousand a person be eleven five so practically would definitely twice as much is as the claiming and forty one on the outside for Samara that's out of the Juan Jose a Fuentes bar so this is wide open race to that he used to worse is here too little bit long shots sixty one G. street the source tree my any map this map is that a great meeting down at del Mar it's also been very very good up here recently in very capable trainers source of some good races two for nine on synthetic over eleven on turf so Ron synthetic you want a race to Reese's back on the service man decently on the third set sacramental last time commercial pop the pace the other or send any use number six diamonds and diamonds in Champaign sometime shows a lot of really speed coming off a little bit of a laugh since may bill Delia re record with this kind of course twenty five percent four point four dollars and six cents return on investment forces being off from sixty one to one eighty days the source says time shows and speed and there's not a whole lot of that in this field I think this was to be closer than G. street early in and might be able to all the moms so many used to long shots in the last leg of the Big Five number two G. street number six diamonds and champagne hi that's a look at Golden Gate and did you get a chance to take a look at del Mar yeah I did the first five races are utterly pick five at Delmar in the first race a particularly interesting Sam because Jerry Holland or for has a horse that cost the Donald Barreto stable one point four million dollars at the February at the Keeneland September yearling sales last year one point four million us the daughter of tap it out of the trippy mer this source been working great fifty nine and four from the gate at the look Delmar and then one holler for was at Los al one thirteen a minute fifty eight black from the gate the only negative of course is of course to the rail the number one post position can be a little dicey for a first time starter specially two year old and Donna vero stable has another horse trained by Bob Baffert has done a very low stables they use hall nor for Baffert Bacchae stamps dot brown still.

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