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There Jennifer Capriati was last one six four six four the score Venus a five time Wimbledon champ and to those winds before golf was born you can join Bernie Williams first confidence softball game for pulmonary fibrosis awareness on July twelfth and thirteenth at the Richfield play house in Richfield Connecticut special clothes again in call Marianna river Darryl strawberry and many more tickets and details at Richfield play house the outdoor eighty four degrees guide to mostly sunny and that's what's happening sports conscious at top of the hour is a charming co on sports radio one one nine FM in sports radio sixty six WFAN flagship station for New York sports listen to the fan anytime anywhere download the radio dot com at favoritos today and if you have a lecture Google home just a play WFAN and you'll be locked into the fire we all feel better the Dallas Kerr call one eight eight eight TT why seven one one or visit the Dallas Kerr dot or on this Monday afternoon it's Kim Jones judges Jersey where for my great here on the fat eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six and we are going to welcome in one of my favorite players of all time he is one of the reasons I root for the New York Knicks in yeah I admit I am a long suffering New York big fan because the days of Patrick Ewing John Starks in this gentleman seem like another lifetime ago we still very well connected in the league unbelievable sit down with bill Simmons Charles Oakley one of my favorites he joins Kim Jones that I hear on a fan Charles can show judges Turkey how are you brother Hey how ya doing shows we're doing fine I wish I was in better spirits when it comes to the New York.

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