Prosecutor, Donald Trump, Colmey discussed on Renegade Radio


Colmey god credit you know why because he expose laura loretta lynch know if god who earned get devon quiet colmey there's no special prosecutor know colmey with why in shares and in trump put why in check is no no no you know i shall prosecutor bill you know what i think actually happened which is the bigger picture which obviously you're not going to see is donald trump after that meeting and you know hearing what colmey was saying because remember colmey released all that stuff prior now you see that's that's what i was getting computer now who released the first the donald trump say hey you better be careful that doesn't come out i throw second trump tweeted them and i think you will happen the other way lower colmey said yesterday as bill home on what trump said what colmey said yesterday during the testimony trump tweeted late he woke up sought hadn't a pitney overnight wrote the memos to lose his buddy over there and said okay now leak this to the media so wanted one of two things happened there if that's the way it happen trump just plunked colmey out he basically said i have a video and audio tape of everything you just said you better hope it don't come out so colmey than had a leak something to try to cover himself yeah not you understand why yeah all right trump your cake what do you do you put there were no tapes heat what he did was exposed colmey as a league he knew that colmey would bite he knew that but just go to hear what you just said you just said colmey leaked and that's what we're getting right so bill.

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