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Welcome to the Bechtel cast. Thank you so much for being here. We're psyched to have yeah yeah we if you're not familiar well first of all by Ron to applause a WHO has listened to our show before enthusiastic. Ask and clap a hesitant who in the night if you have not heard it. It's okay okay friend very dragged right love it John. Thanks for coming. Thank you so for you. We will explain what our show is. We take a different movie every episode we examine it through the Lens of how does it treat women and unfortunately nearly the every movie fucks it up and as we'll talk about tonight sometimes even movies made incredible. We use the Bechtel test as a jumping off point for discussion. If you're not that is it is a media metric emitted by cartoonist Alison Bekdil in which two female identifying characters must talk to each other about something other than a man for at least two lines of dialogue Yup Yep. Should we try it out. Try it out okay. Hey Jamie what's up Caitlin. It shouldn't shouldn't be this hard. It shouldn't be on trying to think of something relevant to the movie. Were discussing tonight. unfortunately there are no memorable quotes or anything good about you. Do you remember the part where she says. I like shoe. That's my fav- okay. Do do you like shoes. Jamie nope me either I should but I I just wear the same pair smell and that passes the back door. Uh I'm genuinely very excited. We're talking about sex in the city the movie which is critical because there is there's so much universe to explore. We're talking about the movie. Oh eight year of my first kiss wow eight year for me That was the year I graduated college so also your food I but who won difficult. Let's say which was the larger accomplishment 'cause I really hung in there and waited I'm so excited for guests to come out because I just feel like it's it's GonNa be a lively discussion. Oh indeed yeah. Let's bring her out. She's a comedian. She is the CO host of crooked media's hysteria and she has a comedy east-central Half Hour. Give it up for maybe I. I did try. I know that this is like visual. I'm about terrific -sually and people listening won't be able to hear it but it but I did dress in a way that I I thought the ladies would appreciate I agree. I think that the whole ensemble it would be very carey. I know my Jean Jackets from made well and that's pretty embarrassing. That's what Miranda would buy but I'll take it off so then. I feel more like Charlotte now. I I see it does do do you. How do you identify sex in the city. I identify as Charlotte in the streets and Samantha and the sheets and everyone here is we don't even know what that means. it means. I like to dress preppy and fuck allot congratulations elation. Thank you well now. I'm getting married so I can only one person. You'll still fuck a lot yeah. Honestly I feel like now that it's down to one person. I send my fucking has dipped then Jamie. How do you identify I don I was I was struggling. I don't do you have an opinion either way about you or or about myself about I was I was struggling. I was I just looked at this movie and I'm like Chris. Noth why why Carr's Kris knows when you cast Alfred Molina. That's all I see when I see this movie yeah. I don't think you fit the mold totally. If anyone and I hope you take that is the I. person of their Baristas. I'm with a lot of people feel that way though yeah I feel like I would serve serve them food and talk shit about them when they leave yeah. That's what I think I identify. I think most is Raphael from teenage. Mutant Ninja Turtles is there. That's my sex in the city character because if you think about it megan thanks for being here for of all what is is your history your relationship with this movie and then kind of just the franchise extended universe you know sex in the city started when I was probably at the middle school so it was a little bit before what maybe I should have been watching maturity wise but I did start watching it and and I can remember my mom letting me have people over girls over to watch the finale my senior high school and I cried aid and I grew up in the midwest and so sort of seeing this truly fictional depiction of New York City was really exciting and glamorous to me and then when the movie came out I got to go to a private screening. Indianapolis one won the Indianapolis Premier Two PM on a Sunday not even the day the movie permit like one of the radio stations gave out tickets kitts or something and my friend was an intern there and so we got to go and watching it in the theater with a group of Midwestern turn white women was truly in I mean hooting and hollering and laughing and even at the time I remember being like that wasn't a joke a a just everyone was having so many reactions and it was a really great way to see. It's the same way I saw girls trip to. I was so so high and so drunk when I saw girls trip and that movies bad and I'm like I haven't revisited it but when I saw it loved it so I think part of the experience when I saw it. The first time was so great but now it's on TV. It's on E. All the time so you can pop up in and how I almost was like I need to Rewatch it for this and I was like I know I know it. You know you need to be doing my homework. I wrote the homework so so I feel I feel well versed in it and it definitely got me through some some tough times oh Jamie how about you I don't have much of I think I've seen. I definitely wasn't allowed to watch it. When it first came on and then I just we didn't have HBO it because we were quite poor so we hbo was nothing in my home. Also we didn't talk about or look at nibbles so it'd be. Oh was also ideologically absolutely not I think in my home I seen probably like between ten and fifteen episodes of this show over the years but my mom a you show there's so much happening. My Mom got really into sex in the city like when I was a senior in high school which was too late and I remember. She came up to me like my senior year of high school and she was like Cheney. Do you walk so she she she was not like super familiar with the concept or like and she was like. Are you doing it behind my back and it was like no we're full. Bush family is like HBO or full Bush family and she was like a thank God and then two years later. She's like I did it. I hated it. It was so that's really my entire experience. I've never seen this movie okay yeah I would watch this show periodically on TBS CBS because a friend of mine when I was a freshman in college loved it and would play it and I would be in her room and had no choice but to consume it. Yes then I saw the movie because my best friend. Jt played it. All the time in the apartment. We lived in together is a big Fan. He's a big Fan. Okay I will not hesitate to say that I hate sex and the city I hate it so much watch but I am so excited to talk about is just the way of a sex in the city the way I feel about sex and cities which is basically neutral could take them could leave. 'em Sure I do have to say I WANNA clarify. I'm not one of those people who's like. This is my identity. Okay sure people during this time that we're like listen. I only drink cosmo's and I like I've never owned a poster in the general public as a Samantha Slash Charlotte when asked point blank have answers and anecdotes for every single thing great perfect so we're so there's a nightmare for the full spectrum is is represented deed full spectrum of Caucasian woman attitudes. The city is represented like how this movie sex and the idea of diversity is a red headed woman. A Brown haired haired woman a blonde woman and a dirty blonde woman in a black assistant and a Hudson a role that could be removed from the movie and Change. It's nothing brave. Jennifer rods. Should I dive into the recap yeah so I guess can we just sort of establish how wow the TV series ends because I do fully believe just based on what I know about the series that the first movie seems to undo all everything that that was cool about the series and that was interesting about the series because win. Kerry deciding that she is going to be with no one with herself right right that she's chosen Kerry I mean. We can't ever really know what carry-ons because she's so fucking annoying. She's it's definitely like I don't WanNa be with this. Ballerina who's pretending to be an artist for the sake of the show so she's going to leave Paris but like she is going to be with big real but she doesn't end up with anyone at the end of the series right yeah. No I think big goes to Paris and gets her way. Is that really yeah okay. Do I was drunk and high school like no big big goes and gets her and then the movie movie sort of picks up where that where where what it would have been up to well. This is even worse than I thought dressed awful yeah. Oh Oh oh good gift for Jeff. Guys wound clear Isabel all right yeah. Let's talk about the movie all right so the the recap thankfully the beginning of this movie recaps the highlights of the show which was very helpful for me. There's clips I like I like watching a movie alone. That knows doing fan service that you don't really understand. You're like Oh someone is really enjoying this summer. So aw there are forming characters. Obviously we've got Charlotte and her husband is hairy. Is Mr Bald Mr Vague of Mr Bombs. She had a husband been during this series named trae okay he had erectile dysfunction and a mean mom oh well they got a divorce classic trae so she and Harry are married and they've adopted a baby from China Lily. Maranda has moved to Brooklyn Glenn with her husband. Steve in their son. Brady so far so good go to Samantha loves sex did you we know does she's dating like a younger. Hoti Garrett Jarod Dickson any man with two first names I I cannot trust and then Carey has had this on again off again relationship with big and right now they're on. Do you think his name is Jarrett. Smith and he just doesn't know well. I'm she meets him and his name is like something stupid and then she's like no. I'm GonNa fix you your name. Is She. A Big Star Okay okay. I did watch that episode. Okay Brag so we flash forward to the present. We're the movie picks up. Keri and big are looking for apartments in New York City ever heard of it and that is exactly how the movie Rosemary's Mary's baby starts. Just say I thought of that too. I was like oh no. They're going to go into it too big apartment and things start to go wrong and EH neighbors. The devil is turns out basically basically so they find this expensive penthouse. How's that carry falls in love with prewar priori say that's so much which war and Chris Noth is really turning in one of the worst performances of the century and this movie he keeps turning to her with this shit eating grin and his like a yeah we because there is growth is sort of like off camera behind the scenes things happening. Kim Cottrell and Sarah Jessica Parker hated each other. I love it each other and that's why it kind of took so long. I'm for the movie to happen. Most recently there was so there's a second one we won't get into that. I cannot even defend that one. There was going to be a third one. Kim Kim controls brother died and Sarah Jessica Parker commented on her instagram like I'm so sorry I'm thinking about you and Kim Cottrell was like go fuck to yourself..

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