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Before you know you're talking about korea earlier and the sinister aspect of things and you really got into the podcast about the asuka deal to get The closer that had the checkered past and to bring him on board and how inside even the astros organization the front office there. Is you know some that wanted to make that move others did not. And that's kind of. I think the interesting part of the podcast where not to say that it got to be divisive. Maybe it did. But i just explain that a little bit in how that kind of opened up maybe some of the the wounds of what happened with the in this podcast and what happened with the sign stealing sure. Well you know. My book astra ball came out in july of two thousand eighteen and three weeks later. The astros made this really controversial divisive. Move when they traded for roberto sooner great closer twenty three years old. The fastest the youngest pitcher ever to reach a hundred saves but they traded for him while. He was in the middle of serving a seventy-five gains mesic. Violence suspension while court proceedings were ongoing in canada. Because he was a manager. He was a member of the toronto blue jays at the time. And even as. I was kind of promoting my book. This is the moment where i stopped and i said man. This surprises even me. How far will this organization go in. Its pursuit of winning in its pursuit of an edge. And i think that there's a direct line that you can draw between that move and then the incident in the clubhouse during the world series last fall where the assistant general manager i yelled at a female reporter about the acquisition. Roberto set soon as saying he so glad they did it and a yelled at her in the middle of the clubhouse which created its own scandal. Many scandal that threatened to overshadow the world series in part and turn a lot of the world against the astros organization and then what came out a couple of weeks later with a sign stealing and the reaction against that. There's really a through line here of an organization that's really a willing or for whatever reason tests ethical boundaries and upsets a lot of people in the process. There's no doubt what did you think of alex. Cora getting back in the game and what do you think. Aj hinch being back in the game. I am not surprised at all. First of all i will say that unlike jeff luneau. We know that these guys knew about it right. Alex cora was one of the ringleaders of both the video room skiing and the trash can banging scheme..

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