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You need to be a perfect twenty year old drowning man and anything after that will find unacceptable. But i also like with meg ryan like david. Kelly has made lake. Nicole kidman his muse and like. Hey somebody out there with a big net flicks deal or an apple overall. Make meg ryan your muse. All right it's time right. It's time she so she's really great and dramatic work too. I think some of the dramatic movies. She did wasn't great like there's that movie when a man loves a woman which i love but it's maybe not the greatest movie but meg has moments in there. That shows such great talent and she's just not looked at in the same way. As you write a nicole kidman. Or even julia roberts sandra bullock who've been able to get out of that rom com box For some reason. And i. I don't know if it is the fair situation because that was just like everywhere before sort of the brad and jen stuff. There was a lot of media publicity around. Dennis mcginn russell. But i don't quite understand like what does this woman have to do. She's given us so much contributed so much. I feel like I am chris to remote asante in sopranos when they're pushing abyss ticks and as like by meg ryan stock. It's a bargain. We're pushing meg ryan stock today by meg ryan. It's time it's gonna rocket right. Meg ryan stock right her and bonnie hon. I'm buying my moments. Look if we're gonna we're gonna get into it we're gonna get into it. Let's talk about bonny hunt. Let's do the fuck. Is bonny hunt for a star. Bonnie hunt turns being a tour guide into the white house for like ten seconds into a scene stealing moment. Every moment. she's on screen is fucking delight. You know who knew that david letterman everytime bonnie how was on david letterman. It was a dream even when she had nothing to promote. Same goes for another talent. Amy sedaris amy. Sedaris to biggie. Back off you the best line in jerry. Maguire to me.

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