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One oh six. Nine and AM seven forty KCBS news watch continues now at three twenty one area. Scientists says decades of work to reduce teen smoking is now being reversed by e cigarettes KCBS is Rebecca corral reports on the reaction to an FDA crackdown on e cigarette makers all that education all those PSA's program seminars, roundtables and heart to heart. Talks had finally started to pay off you smoking fell in the past decade by nearly half. And then along came e cigarette low risk teams who normally would not be substance users are flocking to the jewel, which is high tech and sexy and has fruit flavors like mango UCSF, professor of pediatrics Dr Mark Rubinstein researches nicotine, addiction and teens and young adult. I still think there's benefit to adults. I just think we have to make these products last attractive to teenager fact, the FDA has told five major e cigarette makers they have sixty days to reduce underage use of the devices like the. Jewel or be taken off store. Shelves people are arguing that e cigarettes are form of harm reduction for adults addicted smokers, but they are also a form of harm creation for non smoking teams. As a way to ease into nicotine rats are now the most use tobacco products among teenagers. Rebecca chorale KCBS the forty Niners and the host committee for the college football playoffs at Levi stadium are partnering with a bay area startup to help teachers by their own homes. KCBS has Matt Bigler has more from San Jose's oak grove high school. The oak grove cheerleaders were on hand as the.

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