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The Leafs two to one and regulations of the lightning's magic number stays at thirteen points for clinching a playoff berth but it's still a big lead they have eleven point lead on the Leafs right now and they have a fourteen point lead on the Florida Panthers and when they reach if when they reach a point where the Panthers for the Leafs if the Panthers overtake the least cannot catch the lightning mathematically the lightning will have clinched a playoff berth it's also possible that if the Panthers at least get extremely hot to win the wild card teams will reach a point that it can't reach the lightning a lighting will be secured a spot in the top eight but these have more work to do it's it's not a foregone conclusion yet but they have twelve games left seven at home five on the road after this loss to Toronto let's bring in regular Elian Greg about what two hours and forty five minutes ago we were having this conversation about the intensity level or the desperation urgency level and I was wondering if the lightning we're going to be able to match what you figure was going to be a very high urgency level from Toronto given their place in the standings and they're tough road trip out in California in the it's in the first period was no but after that the answer was yes and unfortunately for them they gave up a couple of power play goals and cost themselves a chance to get some points out of this game you mentioned David anything special teams this probably will look back and say that was maybe the difference in this game I thought Frederick Anderson to his credit was really good you know he was the guy that had been a bit up and down this year and was talking to couple Toronto people on my show and and they felt like he needed to really be big not only tonight but from here on out I thought he was really good so kudos to him from that standpoint but you know the first period wasn't great and you know Eric and I were talking about it Dave in that intermission maybe a little deflating to I know you did as well with their Kalani maybe that was something that you felt like if Tampa Bay got one maybe Serrano would you know kinda wilt a bit but they didn't and to your point special teams though was was the big difference in this game I don't want to over analyze it too too much you know they were a bit better and they needed this one a lot more so give credit them brining mom and I talked in the pregame you wear that interview and I asked his opinion on where the lightning's game was that they are not at the point that they were for much of January and February when they went on that twenty three two in one stretch in terms of their team defense but if you're gonna get out competed you're gonna have a hard time so let's let's throw the first period out the window and and look at the rest of the game once their compete level matched where the Leafs were and I think five one five they did a pretty good job tonight and I guess moving forward you know we're gonna have to see you're only as good as your last game I think generally over these last few games understanding like circumstances played a role certainly in in the Detroit game with the the travel and all of that I think there five on five game is coming along where I am seeing areas of concern though is the penalty kill so the penalty kill had gone seven straight games where they allowed at least one goal in all seven and an all the allowed ten power play goals over seven game stretch then they strung together two games where they went three for three three for three against Boston to Montreal the homestand but they allowed power play goals in all three games on this trip and there there have been some some leaky play I mean no other way to put it where whether they're losing faceoffs are not getting pucks down the a store on the Matthews game winning goal that was a coverage issue and I do think especially if the C. Toronto in the first round now try was scored four power play goals in the last two games against them they need to they need to tighten that back up to where it was when they were on that hot streak that to me is the bigger concern than any kind of five on five play that I'm seeing yeah and you know times Coleman and growth look really good together ands you know maybe this is a situation where you know those guys the more they play with one another they'll feel a little bit more comfortable I always feel like two special teams David go in spurts and so you want to see Tampa Bay may be tied up for the stretch run maybe a good stretch of PK is going to be happening here moving forward but I think a lot of it too is you know the faceoffs what you do before the faceoffs and being smart as you mentioned with the Matthews will there is a break down so the good news is I think it's correctable of course the best way to stay away from that is not taking the penalties and you know come playoff time zero know how officiating is going to be right now once you get all that and you bring up a good point I I I think I'd mentioned in the lighting our in the top three for most time short handed and that is an area they want to improve this year yet that's going in the wrong direction they were shorthanded five more times tonight that needs to change for sure because that's something that they've been preaching and it's probably the one area where they've come up a bit short this year when you talk about everything they've tried to accomplish from training camp on so it's easier said than done for sure but if they can limit baths and be a little bit more discipline takes a lot of pressure off of your penalty killers in addition to vast Leschi yeah exactly now I didn't want to end on a down note I thought the lightning do deserve credit for for pushing back against a desperate team as they did in the second and the third and the power play conversely didn't score of eight nine shots and they had scored a power play goal in three straight games coming into this game so while the penalty kill lighting is leaking a little bit of oil to me I can see the power play particularly as they just a life without stamp goes in the immediate future through the end of the regular season certainly they're finding ways to to get some looks and I think that's a positive side so for me all in on that let you kind of give me your thoughts on that little side off you know it's a good point and sometimes when you take a player like Stamkos out maybe you can simplify things a bit you know we've seen circuits have have maybe a little bit more of a shoot first mentality because of his abilities to do that getting the pucks on that junk ever talk about this couple days ago it's been a little bit of a weakness for them this year in terms of getting blocked or missing than that but they can simplify that a little bit more obviously having Victor Hedman nominal you know not the lab that that hurts as well but I'm not too concerned about their power play because I think there is enough talent there to understand if it's the perfect place not there we can simplify it and we see enough games this year were just getting the puck on net can be beneficial but you know it's your point came up a bit short tonight but I I think that's something they'll continue to improve on even listing of coson had been nonaligned up right now all right Greg C. Thursday fires by the way no longer winning streak so that he can be seen the lightning looking to end a losing skid as they lost to Boston tonight no of the the out of town scores as well all right that'll do it for me thinks that waterfall tonight's broadcast Morgan lashed back at the lady reading over studios Paul gatt along side me here in Toronto for Greg when Elian error Kurland said this is Dave Mishkin saying so long from Toronto final score tonight it was the maple Leafs too and the lightning one goodnight.

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