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Severe weather station. I'm nine first warning. Meteorologist Jennifer Catch Mark NewsRadio 700 wlw 76 degrees Right now. Police are looking into the possibility that her key fob was hacked able to county Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey had her county issued vehicles stolen from her driveway on Saturday. Car was locked and the alarm was set at the time now, while her vehicle was later found her service weapon that was secured inside was still missing. McDuffie says it is not unusual for officers to secure their weapons inside their vehicles, but does expect some protocol changes to come out of this incident. So far, there are no suspects. A man in Hamilton was sent to the hospital early this morning after suffering multiple stab wounds on a fair view Avenue dispatchers say a man in his thirties Stabbed in his next stomach and leg were waiting for an update on his condition. No word on any suspects. The SWAT team was called out to a home in Springfield Township this morning. Responding to reports of a suicidal man on Arvin Avenue, he barricaded himself inside the home. Eventually he did surrender. Now been charged with aggravated menacing. Meanwhile, a shooting over the weekend in South Commons Ville has left one person dead. That incident happened just before 12 30 on Sunday morning in the 3000 block of boarding street officers got to the scene after receiving a shot spotter call, and they found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. 41 year old Courtney Evans was pronounced dead at the scene while the second victim was taken to use these medical center later on in the morning. A third shooting victims showed up at the hospital. This investigation is ongoing. I'm Sarah Lease NewsRadio 700 wlw. Redd's road trip hit a rough patch in San Diego over the weekend. They dropped four in a row to the Padres Tonight. It's the first of two against the Twins in Minnesota. Tyler Molly gets the ball for Cincinnati. Our pregame coverage starts at 7 10 Our next update at 9 30. Brick You Chino NewsRadio. 700 wlw high break time. I know you. I'm cola guard a prescription colon cancer screening.

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