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A little bit maybe a little bit backstory of where the transitional was between dr cuonzo m fullon harlequins were looks like it's kind of in a middle yeah iphone taking back to suicide squad we're not going to linger on suicide squad to long we're going to look ahead to new rumors a new rumors that aren't even like the reported news els the reported news out there is that uh there are several prominent actresses zoe kravice tessa thompson in naomi scott uh who are reportedly auditioning or going through the the casting cycle for the han solo origin movie film so we see you see these people we say hm the they all have something in common throw african american where they are who from the star wars pitted african american figuring characters santa starause a hand solos of pretend wife kinda pretend rice if you don't know uh and i actually have you read this comics are ago where we need to like fly joshua back and i liotier found ours reader the dog was ruined in i didn't catch up tomorrow but you know those sparking its version is that and she is sonesta had said that she was married to hunt so low he contested at this is all pre princess leia but uh basically there they were married or not as part of a scam for a robbery so it sounds like they do at least have a history even if they aren't technically married and especially given everything that happened in a episode seven i think people wouldn't begrudge some clarity on where the relationship of the two of them stands and again it is cannon because it was iit yeah there was part of the comics.

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