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Has more stories about show business restaurant business life in general he's one of the more colorful characters and a true gem and I'm speaking of Mister Johnny pizza so we just left off moving so you can use for June hi this Frank junior entered my life now mind you when I was fortunate enough to be with Mr as on the times that I was with him in a landing city and anytime on the east coast they kept buying services available I never really hung out with Frank Frank junior was always in the office yeah unique personality had his own was that was a consummate musician Frank was you know for the underdog he really protect the guys in his band so when he I was fortunate enough to become the entertainment the director for his dad to conduct the he was a conductor he on all of the shows as much as Frank senior would have his group of people at the hotel before and after the show Frank junior always had all his office to people those with his peers we like to hang on he like to hang around those guys and girls and I was very very very nice to see that door so I never really got a chance to know Frank G. because of that reason I was I was with his dad's entourage so fast forward Frank pastoring senior passed away I'm here in Las Vegas and I get a phone call from Meryl saying the Frank junior was asked to do the unveiling of the Frank Sinatra slot machine at the MGM so he asked me what I'd be around what I like to come by yeah I'd like to I mean I never really got to me French as much on a personal basis than those times you together so French you came into town we met Merrill picked me up we went to the airport Franco and got to the hotel we started this friendship yeah believe it or not from that point on our global guy you know I have my relationship with Frank junior issue at all does it and you know I deserved it and then Frank junior does that last night I agree really he was quite unique character he really was a quite a very intelligent extremely you know introspective and very usually analysis used analysis for analyze everything is very different yeah what a wonderful kind man and I ended up having and you know talk about really was a lot of his body to get a chance to show that much but he was very very very easily the tall man I can tell you he he has he has taken a lot of people that went down on their luck yeah that no one knew about which I was privy to help you work through friends we know you talked about the slot machines you know Lorraine was instrumental and excuse me and having Frank Sinatra drive correct we we get a lot and and Frank junior was the came in for that dedication but but I'm gonna let you continue with the I respected him so much he's the only guy ever let call me Denny oh god I hated that I remember call me with any all the time we could stop and I just go you know but I love the way you know he referred to me is the fix because when he would travel to London a live there for several years in London anytime there was something wrong they call to fix it but it was a plumber or electrician they say we're gonna call the electric zoo sounds like you're Sheedy Jeff right but so I believe I became known as the fix it and I'll go get the fix it will get there I was a call Johnny Peter that time I was a little secret code get the fix that and I became the fix it for a rank in his in his kidding around but so here we are back at the MGM and that was a week's worth of time doing the slot machine unveiling we got to know each other by getting to realize I was with his dad for so many years not knowing how close Meryl myself and the other guys were with with with that sort of opened up his sword relaxed himself well the is most entertainers have you made them feel very comfortable and very secure that they could share their lives with somebody with respected and treated with dignity so here we are at the MGM we did a full week everything went very well they were successful for assistance that was that from Frank and he says John in a report that the engine on I'd like to know back in helping to last time I said sure Frank that would be great so I did and I dis and fitting all these things in we did the second show and Frank approached me and said John you know when the show's over I would like for you to come on my staff as money as Michael everything I've just been offered the one year tour to the symphony orchestra doing Frank Sinatra musical he says to me because I would like to have you do that and if you can't do it I don't want to do that somebody that takes the pressure off what a compliment yeah so that was nice of him to say that now I I believe he meant it sincerely so Frank I have other other other things I'm involved with yeah and I said I have to just make sure my schedules Clea I got to this freaking out my scheduling and that I call the back in the spring I happen to be available he does look good I only have one problem we need to move to Los Angeles I was not a terrible thing yeah I don't know how you lived in the house so I was in my that's about that's a whole nother segments of stars but I took the position with Frank as a full time coordinator his personal assistant what have you and that one here traveling with Frank Sinatra sings opera with the symphony orchestra turned out to nine years on the road amazing it is amazing friendship you guys developed judges house every day yeah seven days a week from there for because the food is is you know it's like my wife is is that recipes everything's in your bloodstream you can't you can't give is an important more birthdays at his house at the house people could not believe that we were eating and as much different so used to going out sure all the time and every day there be something else on the stove and it was Joe we have a ten coming over for dinner Stevie fans and they most a little birthday party financing and so a lot of little little times that we were able to throw our whole milk and food magic masses but the bigger the greatest common Frank whatever Frank junior gave to me he goes John I can't understand it he goes when you make your modern nada sauces he's not a not a so he goes it reminds me of my grandmother dawaly Sinatra yeah so I have my source compared to his grandmother's sauce we see because your food who was also from home he was from Hoboken should refer all the Genoese recipes yeah and I sort of cooked like his family that he remembered when he was a little boy sure so that was a that was a very big compliment to me in a very warm feeling for me to have to when you took all of that now you know the thing you were up within family cooking in Hoboken the smells of the neighborhoods and we talked about earlier and and you delved into the restaurant business here in a restaurant if you have a login cafe and then you know to elude to a more difficult time in your life when you had to leave the west coast and go back to help take care of mom suffered a stroke Frank in I just has stepped off the plane from Uruguay the the car dropped Frankel first which is always to drive to your first I went to my home and where I lived up in the canyon there was no cell service so if you could never get anybody on a cell phone as the story has it I drove up to the property got out as in putting my key in the door and the phone was ringing in the house I go over to the telephone my brother says mom had a stroke prices stop don't put the bags back in the call will go to the airport and travel back to land a job it is obviously a difficult situation a terrible time to leave your relationship with Frank junior to go back in absolutely but you you mentioned last night that that whole thing about food is still in your blood and you said I can bring this style of cooking in the the techniques and everything sounds good Ole southern Georgia people walk and macaroni and cheese and restaurant and great anger it's a so you go in you open up this place which is how many years now we're trudging seven years and seven years and and the name of the restaurant it's right outside of Atlanta Marietta Georgia Georges call hope all can cafe on weight loss and the quick story about how this came to be taking care of my mother now mind you are traveling around the world for ten years at the drop of a hat private jet airplanes hotels to stopping dead doing nothing taking care of my mom so after the my mom was only given for months to live so I recognize I needed to stay Frank junior was very very in the chorus yeah he said anything you need to actually jump anytime I could from Atlanta and met him at the different things that I was already able to get I was able to get to and and and and I would not get as my work was always my word I didn't let them down by not being on the ones that I was you know it in in our neighborhood in our upbringing we call that a stand up guy and that the person you've always been which is why you developed a reputation or able to develop over the years because celebrities and everybody has gotten to know and so fast forward we there they gave my mother for months to live for months turns into six months turns into nine months now I stopped working for Frank I told I was going to retire from that very receptive and I wound up resettling in Marietta Georgia well two years went by three years thank god my mother lived all these years three years four years this year now mind you flying around the world stopping dead still five years goes by I'm going out of my head I'm sure something so I says to my business partner Roger the rusty as nice as Hey you know what when we open up a little school sandwich shop let's have some fun with this it'll give us something to do during the day and nights will be free so sure enough we found this little place close to the house we invested in that made it look as beautiful as a Hoboken style cafe authentic seven opens up and started serving our food not knowing whether this was going to be well received well not only is it been well received because it's a whole different style it's a whole different genre but all of the celebrities who are aware did you have this please you know that represents so much of not only the entertainment history in musical history but the food you know it's it's interesting how music and food is always going hand in hand in particular with Italian so you you were able to create this new opportunity that you find to be stimulating that and I have to tell you what my mother got to see it open she lived another three years after that so was very rewarding to see that she got to be something successful and through all of this the hope of you can phase involves into a great leader the judge which is now become a destination restaurant yeah it's not just a place where you're going to go pick up a quick lunch you coming over for the ambience of being transported into her exactly incidentally I just wanna make sure you realize now minds with all the celebrities talked about of course you always go to restaurants with his eight by tens of this one with this ship I have over five hundred photos on the wall in the whole of all of the songs like a museum is a museum his next picture tells another story design in the picture with those celebrity and you and you can tell this.

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