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They can't be bull bullied recent on a gauche acted with some men just want to watch too. Well. Michael Caine has Alfred the Butler in a dark now. What what makes you laugh about that? So happy with it got it. Right. You know? A reporter once said to me, what was it greatest love scene. You did in a movie, I said, Saint goodbye to Batman dot night real. And I meant it. Why is that? Because the affection that we owe held for each other as characters and as actors on that series was fabulous. I gotta say that movie dark Knight, in my opinion is the greatest comic book movie ever made because it's not about it's not about like, I am going to rule the world or I'm going to destroy the world. It's the psychological drama about order versus chaos, and that scene that Batman and the joker have in the interrogation room at the major crimes unit is just like I've never seen anything like that on film. But I wonder if you saw that in the movie from the beginning if you kind of knew it was going to have that kind of punch. I do I well I'd already done to batmans. I mean, I'm I'm sorry. I mean when when Chris Nolan the director, I came to you and kind of introduce you to this idea were you skeptical at first were you sold. All I was really skeptical too. I mean, eight came to me on a Sunday mooning at a guy came into my front door which was glass, and I could. See him. So I ought said the door, and I didn't know who it was. But I could see a script in his hand. Then he said his name an I knew who it was immediately because he'd made three fabulous small movies. You know, I and I thought oh, this is great. I'm going to be one of these mouthful of small movies on by Bill get nominated for an Oscar. It'll be mild us, and he said why I'm doing a movie I'd like to be any us. It was it code. He said Batman begins. I said a Batman movie said yes, it was a surprise to me. I mean, this is big ethic. And there was this brilliant young autistic movie director small movies, you know, a Batman so authorities. So from will too old to play Batman nothing. You must be played a Bala Sosa. Well, what part would you like me for? And he said the Butler, what's really the polish? What it was? I Dinna reserved you like another glass of red wine coffee. Anyone he said Michael two Butler was his foster father batmans foster father, his father died said it's much more than that. Go Embry descript us, okay, said Ma drive with it tomorrow. He lived near me, then us at a rate it today. I said no Sunday back tomorrow. He said, no what you read it. Now, give me descript back because Chris very secretive about his work. And I read the script fell in love with it. He we did depart and so fell in love with Chris. 'cause we we did seven movies together. Right. We he always said to me, you'll my lucky charm wouldn't make a film without you in it when he got into Dunkirk. It wasn't a film for an abandoned Dunkirk. You know, seventy five eighty but also. Chris and his brother Dave wrote, those scripts right? An brilliant bright as you know, absolutely fabulous. I I loved it. But I wasn't a pop from being dunk coke. So in in in in the wool movie. There's oh pilots talking to the squadron leader the airport, you know, from the airplane, and you don't see him. You just hear his voice token to the policy in combat and that voices me, I boss you in Dunkirk and it worked because it made a fortune. We're speaking to Michael Caine was known for being a character actor and also known for that accent of his that people love to imitate. What does he think of all those impressions does anybody? Do a good one. That's ahead. Stay close. Support for NPR and the following message come from hinge hinges the dating app, that's great. At one thing setting you up on great dates, and they're not just saying that on hinge three out of four first dates lead to second dates. They are the number one mobile first dating app mentioned in the New York Times wedding section..

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