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Off the coast of Newfoundland in nineteen twelve Dever Rodriguez CBS news now here's news a tether Myers with your microclimate forecast cloudy throughout most of the county on this Tuesday temperatures chilly today will be the coolest day of the week low sixties at the beach is an inland will stay in the fifties for most of our mountain communities although a couple of locations will drop down into the forties this afternoon more sunshine back into the mix tomorrow we start to warm up on Thursday and nice warming trend takes us into Saturday on aim seven sixty I'm news it's heather Myers I doubt cloudy in fifty nine in Santee your fourth ranked San Diego state Aztecs but their undefeated record on the line tonight when they host Wyoming at VA hostelry a tip off is it eight Mike Slater's coming up AM seven sixty talking breaking news the highlights in only the highlights from the Senate impeachment trial next Armstrong get a show now he's the human highlight Mike's later on a and seven sixty talking breaking news the rundown of today today you can watch it with this impeachment stuff that's happening with the and lists of endless motions so here's what you got going on Mitch McConnell wanted to do these rules and he said okay here's what we do we do twenty four to twenty four hours of testimony Justin this is there anything even before this that we need to know like attend were total idiots I know today's supposed to be the first day of the impeachment trial.

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