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Known as bill. Basically two straight up dead pants and goes. I can't tell you if you're right or wrong. Let's burn the stuff you have. Who's bill there is no like i couldn't discuss and like propagating things. If they were lower level only the really high levels sh- really was going on. The funny thing is though by the time by the time we started doing actual nuclear tests. It was basically held sacred with sorted. Knew what we were doing. It's just that they weren't allowed to talk about it. Yeah it's like once you see all those mushroom clouds popping up over the hill kinda offi sits like a. It's like a appreciate. Ah catholic church. Everyone knows that he's doing a little boy's bathroom. Like the nazis who everyone knew what the jewish world it one hundred percent and. I'm glad you mentioned we'll talk about this after the war even then maybe maybe only after i beat the shit out of my family and i- drunkenly cry about it to my wife as ten years drink days and so it's sorta help keep morale up a lot of these so the government employment implemented a lot of social programs within the city. They opened up a theater. And of course the first thing they showed was very patriotic. As you do this and they just continued to do like they were hold dances and concerts. Hell before and by the local By the locals and a bunch of the dances they would have you know. Popular music played and people could interact. They give out beer and a lot of people that a lot of things with weight and what they did. But we're that secrecy also came some downsides. I really big example was is that Several people were killed at the gate of oak ridge for various reasons. Why it was only a slight downside. Yeah only only lost like forty people that they they wouldn't just like if someone just walked up to the fence they just wouldn't go. Hey you're not supposed to know about this place you're going to die. Should just ask fast questions later. It wasn't like that was one example. They were about a plumber or a metalworker came was called to help fix very important problem. That was ever explained really and He came up to the wrong gate. And they're like hey you're security info on your bad. Your guest is on the other is on the other side of the bridge at that. Gate is doubts about a forty five to fifty minute detour to get back to that location. And so. I don't have time for this. This is sort of an emergency. I'm going to go ahead and go like surf. You go past escape. We will be forced to shoot you and the gentleman's job to to you can't stop me. That's and dedication to the craft fucking pike's to fix shitter logged essentially and he just goes in gaza look more gangster style popped back exactly right as you said gangster style. I did the the ham thing with the gun. Held to the cy sideways. For this bitch. Man so what more about the Like wizard were there any other events that you would recorded that where people just getting shot for entering. Uh so that's one i got. I know there was other ones. That happened I never really got into the military files because some of them are really hard to get to talk to washington. Dc get into those files or to agree which admittedly is only like two hours away from me but like it's two hours how to get in my car and drive that far rotary exact to potentially get murdered trying to oakridge after the war took like three years and they opened it up to public city. Because you know dropped. It's sorta hard high too secret. You don't say weird you ever archive dot org. No i use mostly jay store in my colleges archive and then like a one of the books that i got some of my research out of elders. Two books what was called behind the fence the other one is called pluto. Pia which is it's a whole book. Comparing american and russian nuclear cities like where we had nuclear plants and whatnot. That's a beautiful fucking erection on so far. Here's the here's the full title for pluto. Pia nuclear families atomic sydney's and the great american plutonium disasters. Let i it talks about the construction of nuclear cities. The life within these new cities some of the propaganda propagated by both russian and americans and then some of the ridiculous disasters that happened within them. Beauty right up your alley. All the prostitution. Another one is like behind the fence. Which is solely focused on grij. And that's where i got some oral histories from just a lot of really interesting. And i can't just gives you crazy shit. You just hear about like. I'm so constantly. These people were being like tested for lie detectors and whatnot and secrecy was just a stay night. Lie detector tests. Essentially you go into work like rain. They would randomly stop people on the street to see their credentials for like random drug tests. Yeah for gonna lie detector test more than my work. Drug tests like this documented cases where like military police because again this entire area. The entire city was owned by the military military and Like a group. Vp's would just walk up to a person's. I can't see her credentials and you have to wipe out this little carnivore badge and say i'm know i'm definitely not a spy. You sound real guilty. When you're saying that i certainly not a commie. I'm sure that that was going to back then. Yeah i'm certainly not a communist. And i'm certainly not a nazi and i'm also not japanese..

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