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And Lincoln center home to organizations like the Metropolitan Opera New York Philharmonic orchestra and the New York City Ballet saying they need to put safety first although coronavirus cases have dropped significantly in the city there are still many questions about how to protect performers staff and the audience both locals and visitors as of now both Carnegie and Lincoln center say they plan to re open in early twenty twenty one honest as it still goes NPR news New York health officials in China say the number of new coronavirus infections in Beijing since last week now tops two hundred nearly all of the cases have been traced to a wholesale market in the south of the capital British health officials say they believe the corona virus is under control in the U. K. they've lowered the covert nineteen threat by one level the UK has Europe's highest death toll from cove in nineteen with more than forty two thousand fidelity's Dow futures are up two hundred forty eight points this morning I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington hi my roots laid out on the next science Friday nurses and doctors already suffer from depression and now with Kobe nineteen and protest for racial justice health care workers are facing a burnout crisis to be always beholden to the demands of the sick people coming through the door does not allow you to really tend to any of your own emotional wounds that's on science Friday from W. NYC studios and that is on the air here later this morning at eleven on the air right after forum on KQ weedy hi Michael St John McConnell have another traffic update in a few minutes from now later in this half hour a long lost recording a jazz legend Thelonious Monk has been rediscovered and re mastered you're going to hear the story behind that recording and the story has a very interesting local bay area ankle.

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