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Real people brains in host bodies if they succeed are actually just unions okay we'll see the philosophy for when so we have we have this after this episode we have one more all we have left is the finale then our daily westworld philosophy bhai guests rethink ables yeah exactly cart anyway that we will be back on tuesday with a regular ten episode and then following that we are going to have a live show on sunday immediately after the finale there will be a video component presumably podcast that will come out really shortly thereafter harris co you yeah all the all the video channels dispose signed me up for shaun i've signed you up to be monitored twenty four seven by video and you'll be forced to create westworld content during those entire periods would be great if we didn't actually put it on the stage and if i was being filmed in my home surreptitiously and you're like as the rizza ringer live show and it's just me and danny on separate couches just being really sad crying and eating oreos or something i don't know brain scanner in your hat right now how did you cry when i eat oreos what's what we all do thank you guys for listening sean thank you for coming pleasure to any thank you for being you we'll see you back here on tuesday and get hype for the finale audio siamese our theme song was made by our friends at song fench dot com check out song venture to turn your stories memories and feelings into a one of a kind song by professional musicians and makes the perfect gift for any occasion song fench dot com.

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