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The studio in place from songs off their debut album the name of the band and they're still data today is slim chance in the gamblers and they had a single that was released on their album called jersey girls don't pump gas well if governorelect bill murphy has his way jersey girls and as jersey guys also we will not be pumping our own gas any time either soon uh the governor was asked about it yesterday when he talked about the great gas debate of course a new jersey of course as you know the only state the last eight at america were selfserve gas is prohibited and governorelect murphy's comments were the way gasoline is the liver in this state is part of our fabric so it's not on my list he said it's such a passionate thing it's not on our list now he comes from massachusetts that lets people pumped their own gas and the debate kinda came up again when oregon lifted their prohibition on selfserve gasoline on half of the county's there so again we were the only one and if that were to change i would take a level by the legislature they would take a lot of things that we have to be done but if he just take care the soon to be governor at his word it's something we won't have to worry about yep sit in the car keep the way window up right the it out in freeze wregget on the pouring rain but there are times where it's like are a kid to hang up the phone that your girlfriend day you could talk to her later i give me a a splash gas and i got somewhere to go but i i think we're in better shape owed lengths leave it to the pros you know 7325459282 eighty five 459 to a two two north brunswick were john is calling in good morning john udorn warning fire go ahead you think about that the hang gary purdue bet it is a priority because after today at twelve noon when we have a new governor it's something that i can address directly okay and i thank you.

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