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Make one hundred million dollar movie and it ends up looking like a high school play yeah paul w s anderson was invited back i don't know what they offered to pay him he decided he would rather go and do something original event horizon but he did say he was so disappointed in this movie and actually everyone whether they came back for it or not robin shall linnet ashby they're all like the second movies a piece of shits but anderson said it was because of mortal kombat too that he stayed involved actively with resident evil when he wasn't the director because he never wanted to bockel like mortal kombat to to another sequel of his films all right well i since where this one's going but arne what give them the plot and we could get through this high school play we pick up right where mortal combat one left off where shall con no longer a giant but now played by brian thomson and he's really tall so it's almost the same thing and his generals have invaded earth breaking the rules of mortal kombat in six days earth will be totally absorbed by out world and our hero seem helpless to stop it as con easily kills an impostor who claims to be johnny cage wait no linden ashby isn't back cages played briefly by chris conrad okay xiaokang is aided by his generals the centaur mataro the ninja erm acc and then queen syndicale princess catanha's mother who xiaokang raised from the dead thunder god raden now played by james remar has a plan lou king and catanha played by the only two returning actors robert show and tell us a soda what's wrong with them well one of them's name talloussa soto.

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