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Blaming a local Tara group cold national cow, heat, which is not really well known to the international community. And it's perhaps they may have had help from an international networks the level of sophistication of the attacks. Exactly. The same time not just here in Columbus. And the other side of the country and a little bit further north three Lankan police have rounded up two dozen people in connection with the bombings the US embassy in Sri Lanka has issued an alert that more attacks could be possible. Meantime, there was one explosion today in Colombo as the bomb squad. Tried to defuse a booby-trapped van. There were no injuries wins. News time eleven forty four. News time eleven forty five. Now ten ten win sports. Here's Mark Rene Susan game road trip tonight for the Yankees as they play the first four out in Anaheim, Jay. Happel beyond the mount against former met Matt Harvey Yanks her back over five hundred eleven and ten after Sunday's roller coasters seventy six ten inning win over Kansas City and Aaron Boone said his guys never quit. Even after the Royal six run eighth inning. Brought them back from five nothing down. What we demand of each other? You know is play the the circumstance shouldn't matter. The size of the moment. The. Just keep on grind. Meantime, the Mets six four rubber game loss in Saint Louis where Robbie can hit by a pitch on his right wrist in the seventh inning. And Mickey Callaway gonna checked it after arguing with the unpire 's who said he didn't challenge the play time to stone. You know, sitting there trying to figure out you know, what we're gonna do the rest of the games who's going to pinch run for Robbie. And they Mosey on down and say that he swollen adding insult to the injury. One lagaras swung and missed it. Strike three strikeout charge chicken, oh who set for further tests after x-rays came back negative, and we'll see if Jacob degrom gets that MRI on the right elbow. He said felt a lot better one day after giving everyone a scare Phillies in tonight at city field. NBA play-offs rockets and the buckskin complete four-game sweep sent from hockey the capitals in stars will advance if they win tonight's game. Sixes sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Marker nee ten.

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