Ten Fifteen Twenty Thousand Dollars discussed on Talking About Business - Big Business Branding On A Small Budget Part 1


It's really it's it's up to the individual health small is small it's like how big is a red box so small the toasters of big volkswagen it's up to the individual business and what uh you thinking in brands can evolve there are some folks it started small and uh their budgets are small but at least states giving some thought to it and has tried to handle rationale ernest strategy for their business image and is they get more money in real uh they made wants to take and he's off that burning invest in some strategic uh uh work on they're branding and positioning so i mean i've seen folks them anywhere from you know uh nothing by trying to do it themselves uh to folks little spin you know ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars for mediumsized business just to get it right because once it's done it's not a recurring expense one time investment that you make use the use for years and years to come okay so what's the fastest way for me to these i actually start frantic my company uh they'll back to your business plan go back to your you the foundation of your business and if you don't have a brands um take a look at uh those brands and your category that you'd like uh brands this maybe you're not even in your your category with uh did you get good feelings about clearly you can't rip off someone else's graham there are a little things are called trademark laws and copyright laws it with the uh a challenge for you but there are ways to find the icons that you like you could find a designer to work with to help develop that you're on a tight budgets you can develop that friend you have to probably take the lead in the positioning wind that you use for your company's for your company names you something you're going to have to come up with.

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