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Than three hours away from the kickoff of president. Donald J Trump's official reelection campaign announcement here in Orlando at the Amway stadium the crowds -solutely monumental, some have been waiting out outside the stadium for more than thirty hours. All ready. It is frenetic it is joyful, these people who love the nation and here because they believe in one thing, it's not about a personality about one individual. It's about love of nation. Love of this Republic. It's about why America first this show exists, making America great again. And I can think of no one better to discuss today's events with them. Then my friend, a true warrior, Princess unstoppable force in California. She is Jennifer horn. The host of the de the and Don show and the morning on AM five ninety AM eight seventy gen a you. I am jealous. Contributors. Bastion. Gordon america. First show. She able to go see President Trump with you, don't you think can I tell you something. I'm gonna inside base. What don't if anybody's listening, everybody else, don't pay attention? They will only he's only me and Mike Gallagher. I mean they own me and Mike Gallagher came down here, the local affiliate got another ten tickets how they did that. But when it comes to the actual syndicates that's me, and Mike Gallagher broadcasting, and one of about colleagues as well. So Jen, I'll promise a make it up to you. Okay. As long as, as long as I have a favor in the Bank, I guess I. The next time talk show hosts got an invitation. How about that? That sounds that sounds good to me. I'm just I'm so happy that you're there because it is. It's such a great day. President Trump, I'm waiting with baited breath. I know he is going to reignite, so many people are so excited about another four years of age America first policies. I know he's ready to go. He has to be excited to skew personal question. Sarah. How long have you been the conservative? I registered well, I registered as a Republican at seventeen because you were a baby. Yeah. So I registered in February the day that I could the day that I could literally on my birthday, I went to go register to actually the day before, because they let you in California can register. Well, in California, you can be illegal, and you can be twelve as long as you go. But I went for my birthday, I registered and I voted in my first election for Bob Dole against Bill Clinton. Conservative for life, but I will tell you I volunteered for a lot of campaigns. In fact, I volunteered pretty heavily for the for the George W Bush campaign, and did some activism around that. And well, he jokes something in me. I think after nine eleven the passion is just not the same the president that we have right now, I am so don't steal my whole. Okay, follow her, by the way right now gen, the full on Twitter follow. So you've been a conservative, as long as you can remember registered at seventeen this something special going on in this country. Let's just take the nastiness out of it. That's the campaigning.

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