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31. Pinpoint weather mostly sunny today and tomorrow with the highs in the mid nineties. Right now, we have 93 degrees at DIA. You heard Rick Morgan telling us about I 70 being shut down in both directions through the Glenwood Canyon because of the Grizzly Creek fire. That fire is at 1300 acres. Zero containment. It started yesterday and this being fought by the air because it's an extremely rugged terrain. The cause of the fire is under investigation, and there is no time yet on when I 70 will reopen now that other fire that's causing problems. The Pine Gulch fires sporting near Grand Junction. Started by lightning July 30 1st of that fire has grown to 36,500 acres. It is 7% contained. We know the Big 10 Conference has decided to postpone all fall college sports until the spring and we asked the voice of the Sea buffaloes Mark Johnson, what that does financially to college athletics. You've already cancelled the number one moneymaker over all for college athletics as a whole, the tournament. We do that back in March into early April, so they've already taken that hit. Val, You're asking them to extend that through the fall and take that hit. Listen, any business person out there or anybody that balances the checkbook this morning? You know you can't go this long without having some income before it does irreparable damage to whatever institute. You're talking about this case college athletics now Pac 12 officials, and that's the conference that the sea buffaloes are in for the football team. Pac 12 officials are meeting today. There is some word coming out from some sports people that are on Twitter, saying that the Pac 12 folks have decided to actually try to cancel for the fall. But maybe play in the spring. We're going to get more information on this. We are following a for you. And when we get the information, we will bring it to you right here. On K O A news radio cover testing is now available for teachers and staff in several metro school districts, including Denver, Aurora, Cherry Creek and Westminster and the Aurora Superintendent. Rico Man Weighing in student facing staff, We want them to be tested every two weeks. For all the other staff Once a month, the free testing's available to the employees at five sites that includes Cherry Creek High School, Hinckley North High.

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