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Course brewing company Golden Colorado so sudden you work with the Lotte giants who plan Bussan In South Korea. What has the team been doing to prepare for? This delayed. Start of the season for the team. We've had players play a bunch of scrimmages and in the time of uncertainty but with a good gut feeling because start the season at some point used to have to keep your players shape and get ready for the season basically. It's like an extended spring training. We just heard from the athletics. Trent Rosecrans about the atmosphere at K B O Games. He described as this incredibly lively seem. But I wanted to ask you specifically about the law giants team song. Bussan seagull is a song that very close to their heart of people. Living in Bussan goal is an animal. That's very symbolic to the city of Bussan because the city is right by an ocean and we see a lot of general in our everyday lives we used to be able to play the song In our home games and people would just sing it up Like really love. So you've been playing training and exhibition games with no fans recently. What's IT GONNA be like to play a regular season game in an empty stadium? Described that atmosphere? It just feels a little bit off but you know when you look beneath that. They're still baseball. Being played and these guys are professionals with a common goal which is winning and at this point Especially being aware of what's going on around the world as look to have access to seeing baseball in for me. What is the plan to protect players and stadium and Ballpark and team personnel? It's mostly the basic precautions stuff. Players and staff members getting their temperatures taken as much as possible. Like when I walk into our stadium. There's a Serbo camera that checks my body temperature. Just walk in. If my temperature's too high it's going to beep and then I'm going to have to get my temperature. Take a manually. Sometimes I bring a hot coffee a stadium. It just beams. I'm like oh no it's not made it's. It's the coffee so to clarify that a few times players have to wear masks Cohen. They're not on the field or Dugout and umpires on the field to wear masks and gloves and so do the bat boys and girls but in general players are able to live their lives. It's not like they're being quarantined altogether in a hotel they just come from their home and how our players responding to these measures players were their word that if one of them gets infected than the. League is in jeopardy. Personally I've been trying to limit my interaction with players myself just like not going to the club and stuff like that so it's not a one individual for it's like a group thing where if you need to be there you'll be there but if you don't if you really don't have to be there just don't don't risk anything. How do you think the league will know when it's the right time to allow fans back? In the ballpark funds are an indispensable part of the league. And I do think we are hoping to be able to let them soon. But obviously reading the situation is very important and say takes the president's what they will probably do is select the target date where they can fill in a small portion of the stadium and see how it goes from there right now obviously. Everyone's happy that the baseball is going to be back. But I think people also that they need to take precautions to make it safe for everyone and that's been the common theme of this country Ever since the offer Kaplan just it's been about sacrificing the individual freedom for the betterment of the whole as you and the giants maccabee. Oh Start Your season. Do you have any advice for Major League Baseball on the shirt? If I'm in a position where I can give an advice to a multibillion dollar length but if I were to I think you'll be the best if the major league baseball listen to the scientists take as much precaution as needed and take actions. That would be beneficial for the group as a whole and when I say a group it's not just the league it's also for the general public. We listened to our government. We listen to our scientists. It's all about the public safety but at the same time the League has been buried assistant and keeping a hundred forty four game season for every team and I know that there's been a little bit of a public backlash on that from the teams managers because one hundred game takes toll on a lot of players and so forth. The League has done what they could do in order to make it beneficial both in financial side and for the public but I think given on the actions taken so far. It's much more about the public safety and safety for our players. What is it been lake to have your first year in a job like this amid a global pandemic? Well if I ever write a autobiography this has got a chatter to. That's for sure that to be on call. I'd have to be on my toes just to see if there's anything do anything that I can come up with to help our team out on. Lastly the giants had a rough season last year. What is the team done to make sure you turn it around for the twenty? Twenty Sim will always river by first day of work here. It was October. I it also happened to be the last game. Home Game Over a season last year we were the last place team and there were a lot of people in this stadium. One emotion that I felt was that it was it was not really a happy asthma. Civilised kind of sad but at the same time I couldn't wait to see what we can improve and do from here and you know what we had some solid core players. We have some of the best bats in the league. We have some really good pitching talents and also high ceiling prospects that we've been working hard to develop and be able to contribute to our big team and you know this team had a two thousand nineteen. No one's going to deny that but I think the future is deputy looking quite bright knowing that we're on the right track of we know where we're heading to. Well Good luck this season and thank you so much for joining us. No problem thanks for having me on you can read see. Trent Rosecrans is primer on Korean baseball and his coverage of the Cincinnati reds as well as previous articles by some men Kim at the athletic dot com or some other stories. We're following at the Lead Hall of Famer Don Shula. The winningest coach in. Nfl history died on Monday. At the age of ninety shoeless storied career spanned over three decades as a head coach for both the Baltimore Colts and the Miami Dolphins Shula guided the dolphins to two super bowl victories which included the only seventeen in. Oh perfect season ever recorded by team in Nineteen seventy-two Dan Marino played under Shula for thirteen years in Miami wrote on twitter quote coach. Shula you will be truly missed. You embody the definition of greatness. You brought that winning attitude with you every day and made everyone around you better. Thank you for always believing in me. You made me a better player and person. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Shula family. Meanwhile the dolphins on Monday unveiled a preliminary plan to have fans in their stadium for Home Games. Assuming that the twenty twenty. Nfl season takes place Dolphin. Ceo and president. Tom Garfinkel came up with a plan that includes fans wearing masks and site the stadium fans being reduced from the sixty five thousand capacity to fifteen thousand and fans being able to order concessions from their season going to pick them up rather than waiting a lot as of now the NFL still planning to start. Its season on time on September tenth. I'm a complete twenty. Twenty schedule is on track to be released this week. One change in plans the NFL has made as a result of the corona virus pandemic. The League has decided not to play International Games in Mexico City in London during the upcoming season among the teams that were scheduled to play. International Games were the Jacksonville. Jaguars Atlanta Falcons and the dolphins in London. While the Arizona cardinals were set to host a game at Estadio Teke in Mexico. City prior to the cancellation. That's it for today. Thanks for listening. Everyone as always please remember to give a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe for wondering on the Athletic. I'm Cathy Davidson and I'm under sculptor. See You tomorrow..

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