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That's from a toronto symphony the first of several cities symphonies mac over has composed tonight philadelphia voices will be performed at carnegie hall with the philadelphia orchestra we asked mak over to give us a taste of some of the everyday sounds he's woven into this symphony was at the incredible museum of the american revolution was on halloween and they were teaching kids how to play revolutionary war battle drums this was a group called the commonwealth youth choir by ask them to each sing the word philadelphia in a way that showed something about how they felt about philadelphia and also something about themselves when i go into cities i try to avoid the most obvious cliche for those cities so i tried to avoid the cheese steak but i went to this cheese steak place and not only did they let me put my microphone almost win the cheesecakes were sizzling tried to the cheese steaks weren't so bad for you people gather this is all of a philly cheese steak and other sounds composer todd mccullough who's worked into his new symphony philadelphia voices it will be performed tonight at carnegie hall wnyc is supported by hospital for special surgery.

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