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Experience. So we sent her the organic waste list from both restaurants and all the chefs had conversations with her. And then she sent back all of the different things that we could do with all of our waste came into the restaurant in. Literally trained us how to process in us twenty pounds of us citrus. What can we do with that? And it's amazing like we now take all of our spent wine and converted into vinegar. We have six car boys going now a vinegar and trying to use everything that we can to the thing. I really love about that is again pasteurization, right? You can go and buy beautiful vinegars. They're all pasteurized. They're not raw. They don't really have the level of a CDC acid and health properties in them that these that real vinegar does and that one thing it changed the way we do everything in our restaurants, simply by learning how to make vinegar so that has been such a rewarding experience seeing all of my cooks and everyone front of house and back of house completely engaged in that process. Now, unlike those smell help funky this is you know, and like really getting into the way that things are in. Should be not being freaked out by something a little bit Brown on a piece of on an apple eat it. Anyway, I'm pointing to my teenager, and and just really trying to get back to the, smells and sights and sounds that used to be acceptable to us as human beings with food. It's hard to do in a restaurant because everybody wants everything to be perfect. So we're hoping we can move things in that direction and eat that goes back to what you said roots? Yeah, I mean, pickling and fermentation what's you know, older than that in. The most exciting Butterball being in this industry is how diverse the industry is. I mean, you meet people you talk to people from. From all over the world. And and that's something which we're very excited at more feminine given the team that we have we make it a point that they are these constant conversations where we are talking about. How can we go back to things that will being done, and which were effective, and it is it's constant RND? And I think it makes people so excited because the conversation starts so that is something we'd definitely have been doing and be it fulmination chilly in in our brewery. We have partnered with empty SEO, and we are going to be a part of the fomentation program who did you partner with empty SU middle Tennessee State university. So so it's exciting that we are having these conversations and then coming up with things, and there are a lot of things would just own work. Absolutely. I mean, there's a lot of things which a really really funky, and they really don't work. But that's fine. We tried it. And then we just go ahead. And move on a head and in terms of technology. Again, we want to use technology to to help optimize what we are doing. Not to go ahead and reduce the number of people who are working or to to make sure that you know, two or three positions are gone. Absolutely not. We just we want people who are working. You know, this industry is notorious for long ours. Absolutely. We love it. But we want people to have a fuller life in oh, give as much time to work as to family as to yourself and technology will help us doing that. So those are a couple of things that we're doing over here at more. That's a great thing you bring up, you know, embracing technology, but making sure the technology doesn't make all these jobs disappear, which we definitely don't want to do. I was some of you probably heard me tell the story on the radio show, but I was at a finance conference three years ago, and it was seventy five people in the room, and there were five women in the room. And it was me. Erin McKenna from baby cakes a lot of you know, her and three other people, and they were talking about taxes and lobbying and how fast can we replace people with ipads that was the conversation. And I just remember thinking if the numbers were flipped, and it was seventy women and five guys in that room. We would not be talking about how fast we could replace people with ipads..

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