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Julie aperture who is the Los Alamos county public information officer. She's says, quote, Los Alamos, National laboratory is a key employer within our community and a major economic driving force for northern New Mexico providing over ten thousand jobs and bringing important economic benefits to our community. Laboratory in the coming year intend to focus on stimulating new business growth in strengthening existing companies. It is doubling the local price preference. From five to ten percent. Your local business bidding on a contract with lanell. Whereas you would get five point local preference. Addition on your your whatever contracts emission, you're making you'll now get ten points. Give you a better better shot at getting the contract. And that is for the seven counties that surround laboratory. Lab director, Tom Mason. In this release about the economic impact. Our impact is felt nauseous and the number of people, we employ and the goods and services. We procure. But also in the economic development and workforce development initiatives that we proudly support. Lab employed eleven thousand seven hundred and forty three people in two thousand eighteen that was an increase of six hundred and sixty over a year before and they're still hiring. Forty five percent of those twelve thousand live in Los Alamos county. Twenty one percent live in Santa Fe county. Sixteen percent live in re-rebirth county. It five hundred thirty four economic development projects would local small businesses in two thousand seventeen. Created an additional fifteen hundred jobs with the combined economic impact payroll. Fifty two point six million dollars. That's in addition to. Fifteen hundred jobs generating payroll, fifty two point six million dollars. Land, of course, now being operated by triad national security Elsie composed of Battelle memorial institute. Texas AM. The regents of the university of California operating on behalf of the department of energy national nuclear security administration. And that has changed over the last year before that it was a consortium known as Los Alamos National security alsi. And they will pay taxes. Even though the or I guess officially a nonprofit, they're still gonna pay taxes. Governor martinez. Governor Michelle Luhan Grisham has not made her way down to the house yet has not started her state of the state speech yet. At fifty five minutes after one o'clock on a Tuesday fifteenth day of January first day of the sixty day session. Speaker and taking the seat again. But a lot of people milling around the house. Of course, it is members of the house and probably some stray senators if they haven't wandered over back across the hall to the Senate chambers awaiting the appearance of the governor. They did elect officially elect Brian Gotha speaker today. So that's good news. They elected all of the majority and minority caucus leaders. They nominated and elected voted for a clerk chief clerk sergeant of arms. So they did all the business and sworn swore in all the members of the house interesting that the the clerk after she's nominated and elected, and she is sworn in by the speaker. Then she reads the swearing in for all the members of the house. And. Almost admonishment in in a way that you will not use your position for your own personal gain made me chuckle. Just a little bit. Peers that whole group of people are making their way into the house chambers. House members have all stood up. Looks like a large contingent of Buddhist monks making their way. Police.

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