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I used to every time that I will talk about untained or talk about. Leaving my marriage abby I would I found myself in the first few seconds of every interview mentioning that my husband cheated on me. And Mentioning Real Quick nonprofit leader I raised money for women kits. And the reason I was doing that is because I knew that people would need. A permission slip to like me Okay. Well, let's agree that you did what you wanted because you had the right to. So it's just I stopped doing that although I just did it interview I have stopped doing it because I just want people women to be able to do what they want without any permission slip from anybody. Well, there's a ven diagram basically beyond say that's it that people that we let be fierce and love them anyway everybody else and you're I, mean, you're almost there is this book is going to be number one for one more week and that's it. We're going to stop liking I'm so sorry what disappointed like six minutes left Sarah I know it. Well. Abby. Why do we put other women down for being entitled because I? Feel like in sports it's a little bit less of that. Right we rise behind our great women goats in sports a little bit more than we do in other places, but it's pretty rampant still. Well our women's national team had an has a culture of truly supporting each other and. Really actually celebrated each other's wins and I think one of the reasons for that is because we weren't afraid. To turn up our own volume. I think a lot of times when people are looking at somebody else in their success. This jealousy in fear rises to the top, and then they're not able to actually make good decisions or see that they actually have more to offer. Right. So Alex Morgan scores, a goal Abby Wambach. Yes awesome, and now it's my opportunity to raise my level a little bit and I think that especially women..

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