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Maybe even camp arm all over him. I've got him one point higher new sixty six amid fourth-round grade. We are right there on Greer. And we've been some we're a little bit different on Daniel Jones, but between lock in Jones and Greer and these guys that are being revered as you know, these top five quarterbacks class. We're all. Saying no, this is the bad group. But let's let's just go ahead and get past it. Let's move on to sleep sleeper. I'll let you start who's your sleeper quarterback. So I had two guys that I'll give you one. One guy that I really enjoyed watching. I thought he was a lot of fun to watch was Jordan Tamou from oldness. He's got a really quick release. He's an above average athlete who can create an extended his legs, very strong arm. The ball jumps out of his hands. Tom who has good decision maker? And he's very accurate. He's he's had limited experience. So that's going to be a knock on them. You only had one full year as a starter at old miss. He will hold onto the ball to Aung times. Tom would benefit from throwing with more touch down the field. I think he likes to show off that arm a little bit too much and he can overthrow receivers downfield at times. He will telegraph throws at times. And I think Tom will also tends to look rattle against more complicated defenses. He'll hold the ball. He'll stare guys down force balls in tight windows. I was really enjoying watching him. And then I watched him play against Alabama and the wheels fell off, and he was a mess with interior pressure. And he just. He just didn't know how to respond to a real defense. So I think he's a guy who certainly could be a backup in the NFL for a long time. And I think if he lands in the right system and gets improper coaching. He might be able to progress into being kind of a low end starter. Maybe a swing starter kind of guy spot starter. I don't know that he's got a very high ceiling. But I think he's got a pretty high floor. Just a you know, kind of a game manager was with the ability to be exciting and makes a big place. Yeah. So this was a hard group to go over. So I've got a sleeper is not it's not a big deep sleeper. You know, there's there's some guys that are getting some love over over my guy, and you know, there's guys like Tyree Jackson and Ryan Finley and Gardner, Minhsiu and Jarrett's them. That's kind of getting a lot of play. And the guy that I've think is a lot better and people are mentioning is Brett Rippin from Boise state. You know, he's a consistent performer. He won't while you often but commanded offense and with this QB class mesh put them towards a lead of the pack here because not one of these guys can he will stand strong in the pocket deliver late developing routes. He works through progressions like few guys in this class. Does he has issues with some disguises the times not also very mobile quarterback? In fact, he looks awkward when he's gotta go on the run, but ripping has the ability to control an offense he could work through its progressions, his arm strength is good enough and have some fearlessness in the pocket now while he has limitations doesn't offer a bunch of side. He has the makeup dependable backup QB in the NFL that won't hurt you a low end starter ability, but more of a backup. I've got a sixty nine on him his amid fourth-round grade and just a guy that isn't getting a ton of run. And I liked Rippin better than I think most do you know, he was very nearly my starter. I'm not my starter my sleeper. I I liked him. There was a reason that I backed off of him, and it was because I felt like complicated schemes gave him fits and he would make bad decisions and mistakes at the wrong time. And I also noticed that he tends to fumble the ball when he gets it..

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