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Percent of consumers say they'll pay more for better brand experience is but one one percent actually food brands consistently meet their expectations so this is real challenge for companies so software and serum space for japan's companies get more out of their products with era a good question uh the way we see this is a uh this was about the explosion of data and preparation channels across all the touchka canal be touch points the new touch points i guess that are that are coming online line impact um about uh 21 there's it's predicted that'd be twenty one billion connected devices by two thousand twenty years down the road here so i'm a big piece of this is harnessing all that data so that you can get a clear picture of that person right no everything that's noble lock person and then take action on that and to create a personalized interaction across all touch plunge that you have with that person oh interesting to visit us that's the longterm goal but in terms of adoption it seems like one of the big stories is that these these high tech customers was once the purview of hightech companies and now it seems that could spreading the every kind of company out there it is and uh right it's tough the marketer because there are so many different technologies point global what we think about is that they're kind of three layers them and maybe this is the way to the two to create a framework at the bottom layer his all your data right that's all the data in a company in the middle air is the ability to think of it as a hub needing a hub to basically processed data integrate that data stitch all that data's together and make that data readily available than using that data crate personalization around for each cost on on on on a customer by customer basis and that's kind of what's going on in the middle and then the top layer or the outside layer all the.

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