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Months the pandemic it and just being home every day in quarantine. so that's the blessing. Gotcha all right. We'll before we get to our final four which is coming up very quickly We're gonna do two things first. How can folks find you. They went to connect with you. They want it by one or both of your books or anything like that. How can they do that. So social media is the easiest place for me but maybe my website is a great place to start. Jason romano dot com. It's my name is easy to find me. But i'm also pretty active on twitter instagram. I mean you and i connected through twitter. So they're my dm's in my direct messages are open so if you want to reach me if you have their question or you just want to get in touch twitter. Instagram is probably the two best places on social media. And my books are available on amazon and barnes and noble books. A million and all those places that you buy books but if you wanted like an autograph copy or a direct copy we can make that happen as well and you can just again contact me and we'll figure out a way to do that interesting that you mentioned that we got a little further into the discussion than i was planning on to mention this part. But if you've got this far listeners. That's a good thing so if you want an opportunity to get a signed copy of jason's book on me. This is what you need to do. You need to grab your phone. You need to take screenshot of this episode. You need to tag jason and me in it and when you do that the first person do that. It's going to get a signed copy of jason's book. I'll i'll connect jason with you and we'll make all that happen so i love it john. That's awesome thank you for doing that. This is great. Yeah no doubt. I'm happy to do that. So let's just jump into our final four quick questions the first thing that pops in your mind yup alright..

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