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You're already getting close this entire favorite shows and hopefully this is one of them on pop going Insana with fancy sports. It will revolutionize the way you listen to podcasts all right so how about we move onto the main event by seller hold for redrafted dicey so pretty really want to start with because there's there's a lot of intriguing prospects either coming out of injury older players younger players. Who Do you want to throw out? I start with so Julian Edelman because I feel like he's one of those players. That's <hes> that's that's hotly debated. Go in a number of different places in in redirected dynasty so I'll speak to redraft I during settlements going at the wide receiver seventeen position according to fantasy prose A._D._p.. In Mahaffy P._R. Leagues which is what I'll be referring to with all these A._D._p.. Rankings in I just think join cattleman there is a good value. He's a solid solid value when he's going around. Guys like Brand Cook's robber woods I'd like to have I'd like to join Ataman overdose guys just because I see guaranteed targets. It's I don't see much competition. Historically speaking rookie wide receivers haven't really come into their own <hes> that quickly obviously obviously were spoiled by two thousand fourteen but if you just look out think ankle Harry's going to have a breakout year this year and I personally am not aww touching him in redraft ended is the actually I don't like his on term prospects as much as the consensus does but yeah I I think that join Ataman pretty much is like he's locked and loaded for those targets. I really like him at the wide receiver seventeenth spot just before we move onto dynasty. I did a dynasty mark on her last episode. I got join Ataman at the ten dot seven in a twelve team league so <hes> <hes> how do you like that value for him than just expand upon do like Julian Edelman in dynasty. I think a lot of these older receivers are released situation driven dynasty right. If you're going for it all then you can trade for him like you said if you're getting in the tenth round of startup up <hes> if you're going for the championship then he can can get him. I what I've seen just from fantasy leagues that I've been in settlements still holds a lot lot of value for people but the big injury. He's had number of injuries one to two years left. I think for him and Tom Brady. The team. Already is moving more to running the football so I almost feel hey. If you're not GonNa win the championship this year you have joined gentleman so him off get twenty twenty pick <hes> <hes> you probably can go go give him to a contender. Get you know late first or second round or maybe maybe a move from your third to their first I <hes> and and make some moves that way that I think can help you more long-term. Though you know I agree with you and redraft. I do like him. This year and I agree on Inco O'hare yeah. I think it's GonNa take him while to get going. You know how good the Patriots are at drafting these early receivers right so so it's GonNa work out personally we like. I think I had him ranked as a my number degree dice number two or three days wide receiver so I know a lot of people are playing him as their our number one but personally with Brady soon to retire I think ballot chuckle go out with them and even if you put Josh McDonald's who is a very offensive minded Ozzy's Osi but if you put him as head coach I think just whoever's the next score back can't possibly amount how much Tom Brady was than with the run for I system even though <unk> us in to retire in a couple of years I just I really don't like 'em given his price. I'll take the big three rookie running backs all before him in a couple of wide receivers as well. I agree with you. I honestly all these receivers I I don't dislike any of these rookie receivers for redraft. I'm not really taking any of them but <hes> dynasty kind of staying away. I think it's a good class but I think you can find and you can find it was pretty deep. You can find those guys in the late second. I'll take the Johnsons Terry Lauren's instead of INC Yo Harry with the one to you know so that's the kind of with the I'd rather just wait and see who kind of falls into my lap than draft receiver Hi David Montgomery Second Round. I'll take Isabella if he falls you know as we've been on the topic of young writers levers. Let's move onto D._J.. More D._J.. Moore's a wide receiver Schieber twenty six thousand redraft. I personally would buy him N._P._R.. League's just because I see Cam Newton coming back healthy within the first couple of weeks in I._C._M.. NEOM as the more possession wide receiver and we'll be talking about Curtis Samuel later as well is also on who I personally like in a redraft redraft. I think he's going a bit too low for my case but I think D._J.. More in other formats more of a hold candidate just because see him him as more of a target take your and also the fact that I feel like his upside is capped when you have the certainty of Christian McCaffrey gang at at least like a hundred targets when you have Curtis Samuel being deported threat who's also going to take up a couple of carries. You have the wild card of Cameroon's nunes health than you have Greg Olsen who if he returns back to form he could be a great value and a great player especially in the decimate tied landscape escape that we have so how about him for dynasty. What do you think about? I think you can float him out there. You know I really liked him. <hes> <hes> coming out of college <hes> I think that <hes> I think that he's a good player but I do worry kind of you mentioned with Carolina I I think there are a number of targets. I don't think Jay Moore is going to be the number one receiver like I do think it's going to be Curtis Samuel <hes> and and I don't think digital Moore's really proven himself to be the number one guy yet so I think I'd float him out there. Maybe try to upgrade to one of those top receivers of people like that young upside the big the name only receiver to go in the first round last year. They might buy him I wouldn't I wouldn't sell him for pennies. I wouldn't just get rid of him because I like his talent. I just don't know that volumes teams. They're they're gonNA have a lot of two tight end sets Greg Olsen Indian Thomas as well. You know so I think like you do. I think it's going to get spread around and I never seem to get them in redraft I. I've you know there's always someone better. I think around that area that that kind of pass so I think we'll have a couple good games a couple games. Maybe a year here too. He can be a big time receiver. I I I'm with you. I just think that upside is camp. I don't think he's ever going to be you know the Mike Evans and the Antonio Brown's but <hes> I think he could be an okay wide receiver two or three down the line. I just don't think we see this year. Thank Rear Arctic in a really good case scenario would be like a high end wide receiver too. I think that's Kinda where his outside lies with it came nunes questionable health who they have behind them. I believe will greer like he's capable but I also don't believe in him taking Gigi a massive step forward. I think we know who he is a which is part of the reason why they drafted him because of genuine shoulder but I personally like I I don't Love D._J.. Moore's upside by thank you know what you'll get in him for a couple of years <hes> floor wise because because he he may opinions going to be the wide receiver one there but yeah how we move onto someone in his own class Calvin Ridley a wide under-sea recording for him as a cell candidate because I see people after him who had just much rather have D._J.. More Mike Williams rather have have Allen Robinson Tyler Boyd rather have all these guys in Calvin Ridley because I see a lot of boomer bus player who views for sure the number one in that offense and yeah. I think there's just better options behind him so <hes> what's your perspective on Calvin Ridley. I haven't <unk> holding dynasty. I have not a ton of places but a couple of leagues. I got him and I've gotten some offers. Some good offers for him and I think I'm gonNA stick around around. I think his touchdowns are going to go down. I think they kind of have to <hes>. I think we all saw Matt Ryan getting older to toward the end of the season which worries me a bit so <hes> that's something that worries me but I think he's really good n._F._l.. Player I think he's a good player and so the situation had yet you still have a high powered our offense. I think they're still going to score a lot of points this season and to me. That's very appealing so I don't think I I would sell him unless you're you know you're getting a lot forum <hes> and he buying him either <hes> just because the perception is still pretty high <hes> so I think you'll be fine and and I think he's gotTa keep producing well even if his touchdowns go down I think we'll see more balls. Come his way <hes> so I haven't as a holding dynasty. I think that is targets are GONNA come up. Nolan's Ray dispute talent. I also think that devante prevents return a will take away some opportunity from that passing housing offense last year when you have Ito Smith and Kevin Coleman as you're leading rushers I mean compared to what Devante Freeman was previously like. It's a pretty big drop off so I feel like Devante. Freeman coming back will lead to more rushing attempts but yeah I see I see Calvin release a value for more <unk> n._F._l.. Real Life Perspective I personally don't love him for fancy long-term or short-term prospects for where he's going a long term. I think that he could be like yeah. I think he has a chance to be wide receiver. Want is just that specifically to redraft. I don't like him in this year's draft than I have. Zero shares ears currently and I don't have any shares after his all over so let's move on to another wide receiver to in offense Chris Godwin. Who is the wide receiver nineteen <hes>? I personally have him as a hold right now. I think that Chris Godwin does have upside because because he is supremely talented in that Jameis Winston air raid offense under Bruce Arians. They don't have a great running back regardless of if Ronald Ronald Jones gets the spot after him. They don't have one of those Ryan Bax. That's going to demand pass valium and that's going to demand a lot of offensive snap <hes> offensive by carries in rushing production so I like Chris Cadran but appears that the S._e.. Community has also taken weaken the liking him and that whole often so I think personally right now I wouldn't move him up over anyone by one move him down under anyone so I they had as a perfect cold right now what about you actually just drafted him as a wide receiver one in in a redraft so I'm on board I I am holding dynasty. I think he's just too expensive to buy like you said the fans humidity's Kinda propping him up and rightfully so <hes> I think it could really we pay off. I think he's.

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