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You know, I mentioned you know your mom and the inspiration your mom and it turns out one of these songs that's on the album, The In Between. From what I'm reading. It all came out of a poem that was written by one of your twin sons and you crafted it into a song or Am I going down the right path here with us? That's exactly right. He had a cute phone that he'd written for a class in French school where you were when we used to live in L A and He thought it was a very fun, whimsical play on words about what's wrong. What's right. What's left what's right and Headed in my notes in my phones for quite a while. And then when I was writing for this Album. I got a little out What's happened in the last four years? I think that would be a really whimsical take on, you know the opposition and of what we've been facing the thing The, uh you know, the crazy political Um, competitions that we've been in This is Mr Nothing. Right here in this. Nothing right here, right here. On a heavy topic. Yeah. See you say anyway, which had a work. Nancy Wilson hurt new and first ever solo album You and me is about to drop On I mentioned it's the first solo album now way know about the record business pretty well. I think all of us do you're always touring and the albums label. The label is always demanding more product. More product. More albums and so I'm guessing if the pandemic didn't happen, Would this project have happened? Because we've all had time to do whatever we do in our in our homes If the pandemic doesn't happen, does this album happen? I know it's an interesting I mean, because I've been wanting to do so love really a long time And there's you know, to do it to really get into doing it. You need a big chunk of time. Do it right because, like being on a break from from a heart tour. It's the last thing you want to do is pick up a guitar. You know you're resting your hands. You're resting your voice and stuff. And you know doing your love breeze opening your mouth stuff, but you would have had probably just take A few months a few months. From part two for the express purpose of making this album. Which, of course I didn't have to do that because I would have had to Not get paid for quite a few months. In order to do this, either way, would have been a labor of love, but this is definitely a labor of love. Um, And it was a blessing instead of cursed because I was kind of forced. They put being home with all my nights here and my first real music space, real studio space that I've ever had. Sure I can leave all my stuff out making much noise that they want without waking anybody up at all hours. And I was like, this is the blessing and it occurs. Can see nothing around up behind ways through this darkness can do nothing to change tracks have far gone. You found the blessing. And the blessing is is the album you and me, it is. It's about to drop Nancy Wilson. Last time we saw you out here in Cincinnati was about 3 3.5 years ago with Bob Seger and I hope we see out here again. Real soon tol to promote and support this album. Thank you so much for your time here today. We really appreciate it. Good luck. Well, thank you. Come back to Cannes. Thanks for having me And thanks for helping with records. Hey, it is a lot more got a very nice tribute on this album to Eddie Van Halen. Cut on this album is a tribute to Van Halen, Duck McKeague and guns and Roses tighter, Hawkins Foo fighters. Uh ah Woman that she has collaborated with for many, many years, Liv Warfield's Liv Warfield's played with Prince and, of course, Sammy Hagar. All combined to make you and me. I think just a great album..

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