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Barnes had this to say threaten was hopeful to move forward and labor canyon with the process of bringing the quality water thornton owns via pipeline to our residents. We remain committed to ensuring the people of thornton get the water they own and after taking sufficient time to review the judge's decision we will determine our next step so they're still possibly thinking about Appealing the decision that went into this But don't don't really see this going through when like this gets damaged that hard this early in the process normally you gotta go back in and reevaluate you got reevaluate. What what was wrong. The project change things And and move on. This is one of those that hasn't been as high profile as the nist project the northern integrated supply project That is still pushing forward in larmer county. It's been taking a hell twenty five years. I believe now at this time but Thornton had already has already dried up thousands of acres of northern colorado farms in a deceptive scheme to send poodle river water to suburban blue Bluegrass lawn said karen wagner of no pipe. Dream in an email statement. Since the tonight application is only the first of the three pipeline thornton northern project. No pipedream strongly recommends that thornton re-submit and application that protects property owners rights quality of life and preserves the peut river. The one thing that i will say this little off-topic these different projects. I mean i love the names of the groups that fight against these projects with the news. Bits the save the putter which sounds great right go to their website. Kota save the poodle rubs ryan do now go pull it up for yourself right now It's insane what some of these groups are but No pipedream That's a little little more creative than than save the putter but some of these organizations they they get thrown together. I mean and they get They they definitely get more Crazy with it more. What's pushing the boundaries. Is it still the naked people. Standing in the putter. Yeah that's exactly it. Yeah save the putter is it. Save the putter. dot com is. Is that what it is the. That's the group that's fighting against this this project And that's what i think helps and hurts these different groups that are trying to fight back against these water projects save the putin may have some valid points right. They they might. But why don't you use those points. Instead of putting pictures of you naked in the river like i it seems to invalidate. What they're doing but anyhow that that project does not look like it is gaining any any momentum in in the last last hope that they have to appeal the judge's ruling of course this is the thorton pipeline project that we're talking about here all right ryan. It's time to get on the train. It's it's time to get on the crazy train this.

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