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I take your point that I would I would even like that go in the room and treasure because if you get to the end, at least, you can get to the end, you know, maybe get her vote at the end. But at least you can get. She's not she's not gunning for you the entire time. But she will not do it. It's better than nothing to go on the dire room. But if you wanna play really hard, then you go to the diary and say Tamara, she really made me understand. Why was in the wrong? And then then when they pronounced candy unanimously, you have one big brother celebrity to she comes out. And she's like oh thank God. I don't have to keep pretending that neymar was in the right? Because you know, what else are you gonna do? But yes, this is not not the greatest not the greatest way to handle this. She doesn't seem super social with the rest of the house. She's not really fitting in anywhere in particular. But she is seen as a number. And I do think that she has some amount of respect from her fellow houseguests. So I think that's important. I think that she can make it far she is in potential danger of leaving this week. So that's not super great either. I gave her a four because I think she has potential, but right now, it's not looking super super great. The by the way before you tell us what the audience gave her. I do want to point out because I was going to say this. I forgot doom reminded me a chap that it's important to realize inside the house candy is viewed as the victim. So everybody in the house even people that like, Tim are they really do. Enjoy candy. And they really don't understand why taymor is coming at her. Like this white why she just can't get over it. So can't he has like the. I'm gonna say the loyalties of the houseguests, but in in view of this white she does. So she's coming off well in that regard, and even came are got out of the house and can't even in the final two and try to, you know, get people to campaign and vote again, sir. I don't think that they would really put much stock in that because they know where that's coming from. So I I think that I don't know. I just wanted to point out that everybody likes candy in the house, even if they're not working with they they enjoy her. And they don't think she's at fault when it comes to this fight. Yes. And in particular, Tom, Ricky Kato, and Joey have all worked to talk to candy and nice to her and be like, hey, we get we get what's going on. So important to know the audience agrees with us here. They gave her a four out of ten. So that's going to be a four average. For candy fours across the board. Next up is Joey talk. Doc about Joey talk about this bitch. I'm so on so mad at the person that cast this guy on the show. Not only is he like a terrible person to have on the show. But he's also really weird. And like I can't get over him. Using the dish soap to wash the vegetables today. Most I know you or work. Did you see this about it? The dish soap to wash the asparagus because apparently it is cleaning for him. He's also complaining about the fact that they don't have a dishwasher he thinks that that's so unsanitary..

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