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I'm willing to now say, the Department of Justice is only taking Donald Trump seriously and is fully engaged in an investigation of multiple crimes. We know that they're looking at many crimes besides records act violations. And records act violations are not to be sneezed at. I mean, they're important part of how we run our government about transparency. It's also about protecting national security. We know him leaked information the Russians. From Israeli sources. So he's not above leaking. Now the president can declassify. So anything that he has there, maybe he declassified before he took him out of The White House. Once he's out of The White House, he doesn't have that power, but he declassify him. You know, I don't know. It doesn't since he lies about everything. Is there a way we know when he declassified that if he did the class? No. No. There isn't. Yeah, because it should be because there is a process for declassifying and marking things as, you know, taking off the classification marks. So maybe there is a way to find out if he's lying that he did it before, but that's tricky. But that's what you're right. He does think he has like Spidey sense and superpowers after he left The White House like executive poverty and he doesn't. So you're right. If he said, oh, I did it when I got here. It's like, no, you weren't president anymore. That's right. The minute he got on that plane at 12, well, maybe he got on before the inauguration started. But he's a winning wizard baby. He was not president. Right. Sorry, whiny loser baby is a technical legal term. Yes, I think that's a good one. I think that's a good one. And by the way, I should have, of course, that it was when we said Republicans and it was your father's presidential running mate who went to The White House and said, you will be convicted in the Senate. If you do not resign. Yeah. So that's, you know, score one for your father. Yeah. Right? It was John dean that wrote the original, what was Barry's book? Conservatives with conscience and conservatives without conscience. Yeah, interesting. Well, anyway, yeah, I mean, I guess I'm just, we're just curious at what stage what investigation is because we don't even know what all is going on. And that's the important thing to know is we don't know. I originally said, oh, they would never issue a search warrant for these documents because there are so many other steps. Well, prior to doing that, that was my first reaction when I heard it. Now, as I read the reporting and Betsy Woodruff Swan had yesterday on a panel I was on that she had definitely confirmed that that was what it was. And as I said, I haven't seen it the search warrant, so I can't say that that's what it says. But I think she's a very credible reporter. And so I take her point of view and think, well, then maybe it is just that. Yeah, you mentioned national security. And we were saying, is it Russia stuff? What would Paul Manafort finally admitting what we all knew from the beginning that he shared polling internal polling data with Russia? I mean, he's finally, so I'm just wondering, you know, what stuff we're going to find. What's in there? Russia's stuff incriminating. But something that may impact national security could be. Who knows it could be related to Ukraine, which is certainly his withholding even for a day, and it was more than a day that he withhold weapons that they very much needed in anticipation of what has now materialized into this horrendous improper attack. Is really terrible. Maybe it has something to do with that. We just don't know. The thing about government documents is there's seldom only one happy. And unless his handwritten notes, there's someone else. And Jill real quick. Since you brought that up, the Secret Service and Homeland Security and Pentagon texts. Is your take that we will find those that they are somewhere or yeah, I mean, unless it was done so deliberately by a real expert, this things don't disappear. Let's go from a to B and we also have the senders and the recipients. We know who the agents are who were on duty at the time supposedly we now do because the government has turned over the phone numbers of those ages. And so that means they have the names of those agents. Let's ask the agents what was going on that day. What's your memory? Yeah. And let's do it sooner rather than later before memories aid. Maybe they got the expert that acid watch Hillary's risotto recipes. These are the jokes. Yes. I mean, it would take a real expert to actually make them superior from the cloud. And of course, that is a clear violation of the records act. Yeah. Because you can not wipe a phone clean without uploading them, because everything I had phone is a government record. There's a clear violation. Only from the day they tried to overthrow the government, Jill. It's not like it was important day. Wow. Okay. Ten times Watergate. To the tenth power on steroids. Way worse. Way worse. Thank you, honey. Can't wait for the movie. Yes. Yes. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. All right. There she goes, Jill wine banks, 52 minutes after the hour, we roll along on the Stephanie Miller show

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