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Past Western Avenue. Next report. 1 25 more reports more often. Tom Crean, the video and audio center com Traffic Center, Kay next 10 70 NewsRadio. You're listening to K and X in depth, along with Mike Simpson on Charles Feldman next hour in the next hour of in depth of later on in the show. Let's say that that sounds good. That's reasonable Still to come. Don't go here when you hear it. Rendez severe. The emergency youth authorization for your Yeah, it'll be non the video. When we get there. We're gonna talk about rendez severe and whether the authorization for it was a little too rushed. And also a window into our lives during the pandemic care of what is in your trash can Right now, though, Sweden where they weren't very big, you may remember unlock downs and mass requirements throughout much of the pandemic and Depending on the rise and fall of their covert infection rates. The country has been held up as an example of either the right or the wrong response. So 10 months into this for the new surge of infections ripping through Sweden. The country's is looking pretty much like the rest of us right about now. Dr Peter Castine teachers molecular physiology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He's also a lecturer. At Uppsala University in Sweden. Doctor Thanks for being with US Thanks for having me It's a pleasure. So I remember on this show. We We actually had a couple of folks here from Sweden a different times. And at one point they were telling us how great things were going and another point. They're telling us Things weren't going so great. So in the in the end, not that is the end, but what actually is happening in Sweden. What's happening right now is we're seeing a near exponential rise in cases and the health care system is as in many other heart rate area is very close to being overwhelmed. And people are very concerned. Remind us how things were. They never went to total lock down their group gatherings were allowed. I think up to a limit that to us would seem strange like 50. Or so they told people, you know, don't go out as much, but it was kind of on your own accord. Right Do is as well as you can. Yeah, The approaches have been, um Up to this point entirely recommendation based and a rather than requirements, and most of those recommendations have been relatively lax by most international standards of focusing on distance and on washing your hands. I think some of the critics of this policy have said it's It's the best science as of March and maybe hasn't caught up with what we've learned since then. But, you know, I I do recall that that one of the gentlemen that we had on from Sweden beginning of this, He basically said that If, at the end of the day, when depend Emmick eventually leaves us whether it's through natural herd immunity, vaccinated herd immunity, Whatever. That everyone is going to end up pretty much in the same place. No matter what the ended up doing, Do you think that that is what's eventually happening? No, I think this that's ah, I find it's a disappointing cynicism. The political analogy I would draw too. That is a little bit what Vladimir Putin argues that all governments are corrupt. And so don't worry if your government's corrupt because we're all lying to you, and and I think we should hold ourselves tires and and I think, you know, places like Um, you know, Australia and New Zealand and South Korea are not perfect, but they're they're doing pretty well. If you look around Europe, you see that There are a lot of different ways to get this robin fortunate. And and some countries to sweeten Scandinavian neighbors are doing between two intent for better than sweet right now, um, but their problem than a lot of Europe and their problems in different parts of Europe for different reasons. Um, you know, the other thing is, as we start to look at a vaccine. It's Every month that people don't get sick are those air people who might not get sick because they could get the vaccine and that I think then sticking it out becomes really important. So what are they doing now? Because the prime minister is started the limit things, but they still don't believe in closing up a lot of shops. Yes. So what they're doing now, The one requirement now is well as of November 24th. So in a week, public gatherings will be limited taking people. Private gatherings are advised to be limited to people, but there are no requirements. Everything else is advisory and because the region's sort of like the counties in Sweden are the ones who are actually responsible for the hospitals. They're very concerned and under pressure, the public health agency has allowed the region's to enact stricter recommendations. And so some of those regions, for instance, Khanna your cooking Hagen in the South is advising that requiring that people stay off public transport and work from home. When possible and avoid physical contact with people who they don't live. On DSA. Oh, some of these regions are are advising more and more. There are no broad requirements and still everyone's At least in terms of public health recommendations. Everyone's in staying away from that There was a little changed today. Um, when some of the opposition politicians said the government really needs to explain itself if it doesn't believe in masks, toe really say why, all right? I'll talk to him. Uh, I had one quick, really? Just one quick question. I'm just curious. Do you feel more comfortable in Virginia? Or would you feel comfortable comfortable now in Sweden? Right now, I think in in in Virginia, I would say the thing in Sweden is, despite all this When I talk to different people, different employers in different working groups around the country, some people are taking precautions that are very similar to The healthcare systems I talked to in Virginia where people who can work from home work from home they have masks available. They have distancing protocols s O. Some is very similar, and some is very different. Everyone's coming into work, and it's just wash your hands And so there's tremendous variability. All right. Dr. Peter Castine teaches a molecular physiology at the University of Virginia School Medicine. Also lecture at Uppsala University there in Sweden when we went a little bit over Saul Rush through this? Yeah, quickly more to come on. And now a game of commercial chicken brought to you by progressive where we see how long flow could go without talking about insurance. Ready? Go, So the weather is.

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